Biohazard PC Cheat Engine tool

Useful values that can be edited to give infinite health, ammo, ink ribbons etc. helpful for practice (direct download)

By StevenMayteStevenMayte

Psxjin 2.0.2 PlayStation Emulator

Use this legit PlayStation Emulator. (external link)


Save Files

Saves throughout runs for 3 different categories so far: Jill Any% NMG, Jill 100% NMG, Jill 100% NMG Knife Only. I will be working on uploading for more categories. (direct download)

By WitchRainWitchRain


Biohazard PC Autosplitters & Splits

(direct download)

By Darazanjoll/StevenMayte/WitchRain/clix_gaming


Biohazard PC Patch

The Bio 1.8 PC patch courtesy of SuperGamer57 (direct download)

By Supergamer57Supergamer57

Classic REbirth Patch - (Recommended)

A completely new patch from Gemini that improves many things about the game's performance and functions. (external link)

By GeminiLobotoGeminiLoboto

Classic REbirth Setup Guide

A simple and easy guide on how to setup the Classic REbirth Patch. (external link)

By clix_gamingclix_gaming