(A Beginner's Guide: EMU/PC Versions)  
(A PC Jill Any% NMG Complete Tutorial)  
(Reworked) Major Glitches & Explanations  
(Working on it) Minor Glitches, Dodges & Tips  
(Working on it) PC Version Guide  
(Working on it) Versions Differences  
Chris 100% time save (saving rebecca skip)  
Chris Any % (And Knife Only Any %) Item Order  
Chris Black Tiger Skip All Scenarios  
Chris new statue zombie strat  
Constant strategy to dodge the nude zombies in a safer way.  
Damage Chart  
Director's Cut - Chimeras Dodges  
Flame rounds zombie dodge for Jill glitched  
Hardcore Labo Strat (Good ending)  
Hardcore Labo Strat, alternative version (Good ending)  
Inventory Management- Using the FAS (Jill-Bad Ending)  
Jill 100% Naked Zombie Orgy Room Optimal Setup  
Jill Any% Item Order  
Jill/Chris 100% Gas Room Strat (LAB)  
Kitchen Strat (Bad/good ending)  
Naked Labo Zombies Strat (Bad/Good ending)  
Pause Cancel Guide  
Safe Yawn Dodge  
Spider Skip (Bad/Good ending)  
Statue zombie tutorial  
Tyrant 1st encounter Fast Kill (Good ending)  
Tyrant 2nd encounter Fast Kill (Good ending)  
Tyrant Fast Kill (Bad ending)  
Yawn Skip (Bad/Good ending)  
Zombies + Acid Grenades - Survival Percentage