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Hi everyone,
CriscoWild, a new runner on this game, tell me that the game is timed in RTA, and thats true, I think the one who create the game, on, did not pay atention on it.
Also, because this runner run in easy mode, he can't use the IGT (no result screen), so to be correct we should add the two timing methodes,
IGT match with the final result, but we have to create new rules for RTA, I applied for his run, the start point is when the first cutscene is launched, and the end point is when you can skip the staffroll, I did that because this is what hapend with IGT (with an auto script), this maybe not the best rule...

So, I want to know your opinion about adding the two timing methods, and which rules we have to decide for RTA.


I'd like to see both RTA and IGT tracked on this site wherever possible. Unfortunately since I've been playing Easy on a Gamecube, my IGT options are limited for this particular game.

My thoughts were that RTA timing could begin on selection of difficulty since that's what launches you into the game. Once you press that button, there's no going back. As far as an end point for RTA timing, I was thinking maybe once the escape timer has stopped during the final fight with Queen Leech since that signifies the end of the fight and the game. Alternatively, maybe when the battle music ends after the big door opens; that might be another viable end point. I'm less a fan of using the credit skip as a stop point for RTA' the former two options seem more personally appealing to me.

I know figuring out rules for timing can be difficult with some games and not everyone will want to go to the trouble. Still, I think it's something to consider; it's possible that having clearly defined rules for both IGT and RTA could lead to more people being willing to attempt runs of this game. That'd be fun.

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I'm not gonna bother arguing start/stop points for RTA or about Easy for this game, though:


CriscoWild, a new runner on this game, tell me that the game is timed in RTA, and thats true, I think the one who create the game, on, did not pay atention on it.

The reason RTA was never taken into consideration for RE0 is because, pretty much by a series standard, the games are almost never ran on Easy mode. Henceforth, Easy was never really considered "viable" to be on the leaderboards, coupled with the fact there's no IGT on Easy, it came into direct contrast with the series almost exclusive IGT rules too. It wasn't that anything "wasn't paid attention to" or "overlooked". It's just a misunderstanding on how the RE boards (mostly) operate.

In a lot of cases with the other games, bringing in Easy would just ruin all prior work put into the games, because a lot of the hard optimization by players for a lot of the "classic" games was done on Normal. No one is gonna touch Normal if they can run Easy, get what I mean? The only way you then can "prevent" people running Easy is by throwing it into misc. category as if it's of less worth.

Just wanted to fully explain that.


I've run this game since forever, but not a whole lot on Easy (since it's way too easy), but I didn't actually remember there not being a completion time screen.
In that sense, at least to me, Easy is more of like a mode to try the game out if you're unprepared. Like a test mode. (Especially since it doesn't let you play Leech Hunter on Easy.)

But there are many games on that have their main Any% category on a difficulty like that, where it's almost impossible to die and you have other huge benefits. Even if that game is so much better on Normal or higher.

I think the main argument here would be that there is no result screen on Easy and you'd have to go through the effort to calculate RTA (I'm glad I don't have that assignment).
My standpoint is that if someone finds a way to calculate RTA and can also make some script for it to work in runs (if needed), I'd welcome an Easy category.
I don't see however why it would be "worth less" because speedrunners have put so much effort into optimizing and routing the game, and the RE game series...? Speedrunning to me is about completing a game in the fastest way possible, without cheating. And you can complete this very game quite a bit faster on Easy than on Normal or Hard.
However you react to watching an Easy Any% run vs a run on Normal or Hard, is subjective and not an argument to say their run is invalid or not interesting in general.

It sounds like you are a bit "proud", FurryWolfz about the Normal category and want to defend it and the runners? I don't see the point and I don't think it's a reason to stop it from being a category.
If anything, I have often thought that, in general, speedrunners have too little interest in playing games on the highest difficulty and not always "only" on normal.
I, at least, like a bit of variety and being able to choose between categories and not only one or a few.


If I added easy, this is only because someone wanted to submit his run, my real opinion is, easy should not exist in any game.
I am developer, and when I develope a game, there is a basic dificulty, normal mode, this is the easiest I want to implement.

For, I can't do anything only with my opinion, so I ask you in this thread your opinion, because adding easy, bring more problem as expected (about RTA/IGT category), but not a lot want to give his opinion.

In a first time, we can just vote for who agrees to add easy, not agree for me.


I suggested this game to a friend and he started playing it the other day. He immediately selected Hard mode right out of the gate, despite my objections. I told him Easy would be better to learn on because of how much more ammo and health you get to pick up but he told me that he refuses to play on anything but the hardest difficulty because he wants to test his skill.

The idea that the addition of an Easy leaderboard will somehow taint the community and cause them all to forget about Normal and Hard is silly. People are individuals and they all have their own motivations for playing these games. Not everyone will think similarly regarding difficulties and the best way to avoid discriminating against any of them is to make them all feel welcome by giving everybody a chance to play and track their times.

With that having been said, I thank all of you who have come into this with an open mind. Despite your own personal preferences against playing Easy, you've supported me in choosing my own path and that says a lot about your character. You just as easily could have told me to heck off and kept RE0 from growing but instead, you welcome me. Because of this, you can expect me to be that much more enthusiastic about learning the game and about convincing other people to do the same.

Now, I intend to start a run of RE0 on Easy within the next half hour or so. I'll be using Anderson's recommendation for RTA timing on this particular attempt, at least until we all decide on something else. I love starting RTA on selection of difficulty and I don't mind ending it on credits skip so I'm good to go. I hope you'll all stop by my stream and help me out a bit. IDK if anyone's awake but if so, come hang out and let's be friends.


I have some Easy GCN/PS4 NG / Knife times to set then. OpieOP

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