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There are a few missions in this game where upon entering the marker, the loading screen will be constant and will never load the starting cutscene, making it impossible to start the mission and essentially play the game and you will have to restart your console. Below I will list the missions that are affected and how to avoid infinite load screen times. I will also update this post for any other infinite loads I find.

Women And Cattle [Bonnie MacFarlane]

- I haven’t tested this one in a while, and it won’t be an issue if you’re following the mission route of the speedrun, but basically if you try to start this mission without having Justice in Pike’s Basin completed, you will get an infinite load after skipping the opening cutscene.

You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except For Profit [Nigel West Dickens]

- Before starting The Burning, reload autosave. This is a possible fix for an infinite load that can happen on this mission.

On Shaky’s Ground [Irish]

- This infinite load can easily be avoided by going into the marker by foot and not on horseback. This one only happens on Xbox 360 and presumably PS3.

The Prodigal Son Returns (To Yale) [Harold MacDougal]

- I can only recall having an infinite load happening on this mission once. If you’re running the game on Xbox 360 or PS3, reload the autosave before starting this mission if you want to be safe.

The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed [Jack Marston]

- This particular infinite load is weird. When the opening cutscene begins there’s a chance that there will be a duplicate of Jack’s character model. If this happens and you skip the cutscene you will get an infinite load. To prevent this, reload the autosave before starting this mission.

Below is a list of missions that have other loading screen issues, again I’ll update this post for any others I find.

An Appointed Time [Abraham Reyes]

- When starting this mission, there’s a very good chance the loading screen will take a very long time to start it. This is due to the game not loading the starting cutscene, but instead just taking you straight to the mission. I have no fix for this as of yet.

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