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Hello ! Firstly, I'm sorry, it was awful to be absent 3 years after creating speedrun for RCT 1 with verification xD

But I'm very happy to see it has finally interested some players to try speedrun this game !

Well, I was checking some missions, and, even if its cool to speedrun the first ones, there is very interesting missions in Loopy Landscape that should be speedrun.

When atteigning an amount of guests could be a mix of knowledge and luck, there is some of these more recent missions that is more based on skill, like Volcania, where you should finish 6 rollercoaster the fastest possible. Or even Razor Rocks, here you should build 10 rollercoaster with 6.00+ excitement rating.

I think that would be really fun to race on these scenarios !

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Them are some pretty good suggestions actually. I've been streaming this on and off anyway so I guess I may as well give them a shot. Free WR's and all that.


Just chiming in, over at RCT2 we added the Wacky Worlds and Time Twister expansion pack ILs to the leaderboards and it garnered a little bit more traffic. I'd recommend adding them to the page ๐Ÿ™‚


Need to get RCT Classic runs moved to a separate game first, I think. It'd be much easier to add expansions if Classic wasn't in the way.


I was actually thinking the same thing, Razor Rocks in particular would make for a VERY interesting speedrun. I haven't run it yet, but videos exist of it being done in under 3 hours... And those aren't speedruns.

I think a 90 minute time is doable. That would be one custom coaster every nine minutes on average... But it would probably have to be faster since the coasters need to be financed somehow. Once the category opens, I'll submit a run once I get one under 90 minutes.