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Hello, everyone!

Submissions for our next winter marathon, ResortFest: Cabin Fever 2020 are officially open! Our 9th marathon is going to be, as usual, all online, and will be raising money for a small gofundme page, Julie's Fight, once again courtesy of Gooby. Click here for info:

Submissions will close on November 30th, at 12:00 A.M. Eastern Time. A schedule reveal stream will be held shortly after a couple weeks before the marathon begins.

The marathon will run on the weekend before Christmas, December 18-21st

This marathon, we are gonna test a new feature during the midnight break portions of the marathon. Instead of simply having the Twitch page be offline during the night, we will be doing reruns of old tournaments and old marathon runs, so you'll always have something to watch during the night if you want to.

Submit here if you are interested: Remember that submissions can be of anything, regular speedruns and races, Bingo, TAS showcases and even Glitch Showcases

If you are interesting in volunteering to help us with the marathon: Fill out this form here! We have 3 different roles that we currently need help with: These will close November 18th, at 12:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

If you submit or fill out a volunteer form, make sure to join the Discord server if you have not already:

That is all for now! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.