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class:breacher,level:75,in blacksite,you just need to rush and take a guard to get keycard,bc you are breacher,then rush to call block,once you rush in,take out every guard as fast as possible,then open call b,in rookie,rose is 100% in call b,then go find commander,hostage him,if sc guard spotted,hostage,then got the code,now you dont need care the body,because you alr can go to evac:
in Financier you should just disable the box,then go down shoot the window,hostage ryan,got the code,kill ryan,open the safe,if someone spotted,just kill,shoot a random door,escape:
in deposit,place your breach,break the window,shoot the guard,you dont need care the camera guard,if the guard cannot see by the camera.....the get up,hostage the manager,get code and keycard,kill manager is too riskly,let manager follow you,kill him,open the camera guard room,kill the guard,open the vault,box id is rng,if you dont want do the riskly way,better get the box id,donate the breach,open the deposit box,escape,done: in lakehouse,you need 480 mcs,that useful,then rush to power box,get inside,search for the code,open the secruity door,once you get in,use 480 mcs to shoot the box,get in,then let rose search the computer,once you got the sever,rush the window which are clost to boat,shoot the window,rush to boat,finish,(also,can i be moderated?)


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I already made an ironman rookie guide but now that ironman rookie us ruined it's kinda pointless, also post this in guides not in the forum


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