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I want definitive proof as to why the run was rejected since it was previously already verified.


I would also like to add that by your reasoning that "hitbox glitch" should make runs rejected, the 2nd and 3rd place runs right now should also be rejected as they were done on the 25th and 26th respectively, so why was only ONE run rejected? Is this some sort of discrimination?

Also since new a new run was added quite a while ago already the 1st place run should also be rejected for using thumper clip in the scientist.


It's a glitch okay, but it's only for now
It was bad timing only
Of course, they will reject that run
But you guys had bad timing with the speedrunning
Next time only 1 player rec, and that stay in the stairs
Dirty game, I know, but this glitch is the worst thing in the speedrun world


@RockyGaming4725RockyGaming4725 why that glitch matters expect it's not a free run, there is a little glitch
It didn't complete the mission under a sec, and only dropped bag our speedrunners.
If their run got rejected, reject that ironman legend speedrun what has the first place now
Not fair


stairs thing still applies to me because of hands expanded update, there is video proof if you go a bit back on this post


@SimplyAskMeSimplyAskMe Those runs were verified without communication of the possibility of the hitbox glitch being present, it was only brought up when I saw the newest run.
I looked at the videos, seems pretty fair, and in a test run by myself I would get stuck a little, I’ll let the super mods do a vote on whether to verify it or not, it’ll be up to them now

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ill make a vote in wiki about is run glitched or not after all above listened proof
probably won’t change anything but still


I think a little glitch that saves literal seconds is excusable but an insane amount of damage reduction in an ironman run is not. Not bothering to read the whole thread just the first few messages. The thread is just going back and forth from here.


Because the run we did was normal damage. And it got rejected because the date was too close to the hitbox glitch day 😕

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Pot it is a glitched run, speedrun site prefer non glitch full runs, helper glitch or no.
If that run got deleted, delete that other run too, not fair that, only full leven runs fine with thumper clip
look at my scientist operative trio seed run


where is it glitched if it is?

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i clearly remember i saw hunter saying cish made hands expanded means no mor can lean through walls and after maybe 6-7 hours later we did ironman


so is anything going on and am i going to get noticed about votes


The run is staying rejected and as for the other runs, they’ll be rejected. Instead of going back and forth like idiots, you could’ve spent your time trying to get a better time instead of arguing.

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The run is staying rejected because the stairs are fixed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We were and are still running to try and get a better time, we argued because we believed it was unfairly rejected, considering how now there is an entirely new hitbox which screws with stealth really hard (can't climb blue crate, ladders are hard to climb) we don't mind accepting it being rejected now because of that BUT we argued because as Zelkron wrote under the rejection: We took less damage than we should have and thus was rejected. Which we believe was not true at all since our damage was most certainly normal to us unlike the current 1st and 3rd place runs where their hp bars just don't seem to move even tho bullets are going through them.

Also... Now the 1st 2nd 3rd place runs are having patched glitches... 1st and 3rd being hitbox glitch 2nd having thumper clip


not a related message about the thread but... this proves to show how big ironman speedrunning is


You can still climb the blue crate,i figured out a strat and i believe its faster than climbing,it just needs a little bit of luck,also i agree with Zelk.The damage seemed a little bit off.Rocky said its staying rejected,Carrot already made points,Zelk was the one to reject,And pierre is dead.So this is pretty much Carrots decision now.


First : why Pierre died
Second : That glitch what made simply's run dead didn't help for the time.
Third : Full runs with patched glitch needs to be deleted.
Simply's run got deleted by a glitch (I don't think with no glitch they couldn't have done it.
That's a little glitch, and they couldn't control that.
IF their run got deleted, delete that full runs with thumper clip too.
Full run with a little glitch, didn't do anything : DELETE
Full run with a patched glitch, deleted all run with that glitch : keep
It's not fair dear moderators
Do something please


why do you complain just because of stairs, it did nothing to the run