80537 Financier Duo Operative Guide

By Second-120Second-120. Last updated

Player 1:
A pistol (UP9 is recommended)
Intimidation perks
Player 2:
A Pistol/Duel Wielded Pistols/S97 (If you're choosing pistols, UP9 is reccomended)
Fast Hands

Player 1/The Hitman:
Go upstairs
Knock the guard on the right by the bush
Disable the box upstairs
Wait for other player to disable their box
Break the glass to enter
Run down the hallway and turn left, shoot the guard and intimidate Ryan
Interrogate Ryan
Eliminate Ryan
Jump down and run to exit (break door)

Player 2/Safe breacher
Run to the opposite corner of the house
Disable the box
Break the window and shoot the two guards on the other side of the map
Go the the stairs on the left and kill the two guards
Wait for ryan to be almost interrogated (about 3 seconds from this point)
Start to remove the kitchen painting
Open the safe and run to exit through the house

Extra note: You can make this a genocide% run by getting player 1 to kill the guard by the bottom of the stairs before leaving.