Passing the sword & Staff.
8 months ago
New Jersey, USA

If you guys are curious about the title, don't think about that this is some sort of elaborate early April fool's day prank, then it actually it's not the case.

In the next few days starting around March 31st, I will be stepping down from my position as a super moderator for the dungeon quest speedrun website. A little over a few years when this category existed, it would not only be there to help expand as a nice edition for more speedrun possibilities instead on the official discord server. Whether you like dungeon quest or not, always cherish the games that you play regardless of the outcome. I Will be focusing my time on my youtube channel along with other things I won't be discussing.

In the meantime, my role will be passed over to @Jaydene19248 or also known as unpopular neon 2015. He will still continue to manage the categories, forums, as well as updates for the changelog being provided. He has done a good job in updating the runs and categories whenever I was busy.

I'll be looking to find another person to fill in the next moderator, so if anyone is interested, either contact me privately or @Jaydene19248 about it and will be looking in to it. You can also post in the forum thread here. Post will be locked once a new mod will be accepted.

Wyoming, USA

thank you for keeping this running m8, It's been nice knowing ya

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New Jersey, USA

I'll be keeping this forum post still up since no one has contacted me about the next new mod. I'll be giving the super mod to @Jaydene19248. He did tell me privately that he will be fine in accepting the runs by himself and might be looking for another mod to step in. Let him know if you want to become a mod for this site.

That's it for all. Stay safe and rise for glory.