Website & Game History Change Log | Updated as of 4/11/2023
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Website & Game History Change Log | Updated as of 4/11/2023
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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


resetting servers. Northern Lands now has a chance to drop a cosmetic armor and title! New cosmetic shop featured items.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time since an update.

I've been working on a smaller update that will be launching soon (will give a more accurate ETA shortly). This update will include an Optional Bonus Boss fight at the end of Northern Lands on Nightmare difficulty. The boss will most likely NOT be solo-able and will be very challenging. The loot he drops will be the normal dungeon loot PLUS a chance at an "Ultimate" tier weapon which is ABOVE "Legendary".

While this is being developed, progress has already been started on the next dungeon. A lot of the concept art has already been created and the Map is mostly finished being created by @BIack_Smith . Look out for sneak peeks soon to come : )

Somewhere between the new bonus boss update and the new dungeon update, there will be a 2x exp event that should last for a week or so.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Resetting servers to push the bonus boss update through!

  • After fighting Northern Lands on Nightmare difficulty you will be asked to fight a bonus boss for a chance at an Ultimate tier item. This boss is recommended to have multiple people.
  • Camera should no longer get zoomed all the way in when someone walks in between you and the camera.

2x EXP event will be coming soonish. Will keep you all posted.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Hey everyone, just a heads up, Dungeon Quest will be having a 2x EXP event starting NEXT WEEKEND to help players prepare for the new dungeon (still in progress).

Also, we will be doing a ONE TIME unbanning wave of all accounts that have been banned throughout the games life for exploiting. A lot of players have been banned for a very long time so we'll be giving them a second (and final) chance. Anyone over a certain level threshold will have their level reset or lowered.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Just reset the servers!

  • The 🌟 2x EXP event 🌟 is now live!
  • Any players auto banned by the anti exploit are being given 1 final chance to play properly. Inventories of those unbanned have been wiped and levels reduced.
  • New cosmetic shop is out as well!
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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last progress update on the new dungeon. Currently, most of the models are finished, new abilities are done, 2 and a half boss fights are programmed, and almost all of the new item stats have already been determined.

The only thing left is for me to finish the final boss fight, Blacksmith and Rajlo are working on the final weapons/armors, and Albert Kim is composing the music for the dungeon.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Game is back up!

  • 🐲 NEW DUNGEON, Gilded Skies!
  • 🗡️ 14 new weapons including 2 legendaries
  • 🛡️ 9 new armors
  • 🪄 6 New Abilities
  • 💸 40% off SALE on XP Boosts, Gold, and Gamepasses!
  • 👚 New featured cosmetics
  • 🐛 Fixed bug where ability icons weren't changing
  • 2x EXP event removed
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Website Changelog Update:11/25/22

Been delayed in updating, but the devs released another map once again. Look to the sky and feast upon your eyes as you will take action in the new glided skies map on Dungeon Quest.

Gilded Skies is the fifteenth dungeon in Dungeon Quest. It was released on 2022-11-25, and followed Northern Lands's release almost 11 months prior. Gilded Skies requires players to be level 190 for Insane difficulty and level 195 for Nightmare difficulty. It is recommended to have at least 1.2b to 1.8b health (600m glass) on Insane and at least 1.8b to 2.7b health (900m glass) on Nightmare. Players have 11 minutes to clear the dungeon. The questing theme is Gilded Skies and the boss theme is Vytelus.

Mobs: In Gilded Skies, there are 4 different types of mobs. Each mob has around 7.4Q base health on Insane and around 15.6Q base health on Nightmare. The mobs deal between 400m and 550m damage on Insane and between 625m and 800m damage on Nightmare.

Dracani Warrior The Dracani Warriors are a melee type mob that follows the closest player or the player that has done the most damage to it, and once it reaches a player, it creates a lingering rectangle in front of itself and slashes forward 6 times.

Dracani Knight The Dracani Knights are a melee type mob that follows the closest player or the player that has done the most damage to it, and once it reaches a player, it creates a circle attack around itself and slams its axe to ground, dealing triple the normal damage.

Dracani Mage The Dracani Mages are ranged mobs that attack by creating an X-shaped beam at a player, inflicting a stun and an anti-heal effect for 3 seconds.

Dracanic Familiar The Dracanic Familiars are ranged mobs that attack by creating a line in front of itself like basic ranged mobs that lingers for 5 seconds dealing damage.

Bosses: Gilded Skies has 3 bosses, consisting of 2 mini-bosses and a main boss at the end of the dungeon. Each normal boss attack deals between 450m and 600m damage on Insane and between 700m and 900m damage on Nightmare.

Archpriest Kiryne General Cragg Vytelus, the Dragon Lord Archpriest Kiryne Archpriest Kiryne is the first boss of this dungeon. She is encountered in the 3rd room. Passively throughout the fight, she will create a beam which deals massive damage. To avoid it, players will need to face their avatar away from Kiryne until the "Look Away" text disappears. Then, the statue behind it will start firing lasers at 4 random players in the field. Players need to constantly be moving to avoid the beam. Next a few green circles appear, which will protect the players from getting killed by Kiryne's shockwave which hits after a few seconds. 1-3 purple orbs (depending on player count) also spawn at the same time and each of them will move to a random player, dealing 2x boss damage to anyone in its way and 3x when it reaches its target location. The orbs will repeat this cycle 3 times before it disappears. The deadliest ability is the red circular attacks which will form in a curved line, damaging players and stunning them, followed by serval vertical beams. The red circular attacks and vertical lines happens again, and then the cycle repeats.

The Archpriest Kiryne has a base of 22.2Q HP on Insane and 46.79Q HP on Nightmare.

General Cragg General Cragg is the second boss of this dungeon, encountered in the 7th room. Upon entering the field, several vertical lines will appear randomly, and Cragg will be releasing expanding rings similar to Bob the Frost Giant in Northern Lands, but in six directions. Next, two players will be randomly linked with an explosive orb, which will explode and damage all players if the linked player did not touch it in time. The orb can also damage players if they touch the chain. After that, a random player will be glowing red which means that they are flame-cursed, 5 lingering circles will also constantly appear at the targeted player. During the curse, Cragg will attack the entire arena. Players need to enter the safety rings in order to survive. While also dodging the second wave of vertical Lines. The third wave contains three X-shaped beams at random players, a purple pulse beam with a similar style with Sea King's Grid attacks, that stuns player on hit, and lastly a giant meteor falling from the sky, which can tell by an expanding warning circle. The whole cycle repeats after that.

General Cragg has a base of 22.2Q HP on Insane and 46.79Q HP on Nightmare.

Vytelus, the Dragon Lord Vytelus, the Dragon Lord is the third and currently the last boss of Gilded Skies, encountered in the 10th room. Throughout the battle, Vytelus will passively summon red orbs from the edges of the arena, and will explode dealing Aoe damage to all players if any player gets into contact with them, while also inflicting stun and anti-heal effects (There is a possibility that when players respawn at the final boss arena, the players that spawned in will trigger the red orbs killing the team due to the spawn layout). His first ability will create fire lines at a random player, with horizontal beams coming out next, similar to one of the Mage Overlord's ability in The Canals. Meanwhile, a yellow orb will spawn at a random player, and then releasing swirl circles in a similar fashion with Odin Reincarnation's passive ability, while also inflicting stun and anti-heal effect if hit. After that, three cyan circles will flash once, one by one, which warns player to stay inside the circle's range before Vytelus does his area attacks (For example, after all three circles finished flashing, go to the first flashing circle area, and go to the next flashing circle area after the first area attack is done). The circle's locations are completely random. During this dodging process, purple curved circles will appear at the first area attack, stunning players if hit. After that, Vytelus will summon a few fire walls that move along the arena. Players will have to find and go through the gap in order to survive. Beware that the fire walls deal absurdly lethal damage that can even kill a tank with a single touch. His final ability shares a similar method with Odin Reincarnation's colored beams. There will be 3 zones consisting of a purple triangle, yellow circle, and a cyan diamond. Whatever shape is above the player must correspond with one of the zones. Vytelus will give you about 4 seconds to enter the correct zone before exploding the arena afterwards. The cycle repeats after.

Vytelus, The Dragon Lord has a base of 22.2Q HP on Insane and 46.79Q HP on Nightmare.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Resetting servers for a quick patch on a pretty severe bug that was found recently.

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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Game is back up!

  • Daily reward can now drop items from Gilded Skies
  • New boss fight "Krampus" for a rare chance at cosmetics and snowflakes
  • Snowflake cosmetic shop
  • Earn snowflakes by completing dungeons
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Posted by Vinny / vCaffy on discord:


Small update!

  • Normal Lobby has returned
  • Bonus snowflake shop where you can spend your remaining snowflakes
  • Can no longer obtain snowflakes by playing the game, only by robux purchase
  • Cosmetic drop from Gilded Skies is now obtainable as a rare drop when completing on Nightmare difficulty.

Going to be trying some cool new mechanics with the Ultimate boss fight coming for Gilded Skies btw >:)

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Website Changelog Update: 11/25/22 - 2/24/23

  • Added the Glided Skies map (Bonus Boss categories will be added once the update rolls out).
  • Updated the Categories from Northern Lands to now have Insane+ and Nightmare+ along with the bonus bosses with it. Thanks to @RockBlaster71 for the reminder.
  • Changed the default setting to now match all of the current new runs when the Skill points update was added.
  • Skill points for Glided Skies has been added in the main rules. I've apologized for all the delays so the next changelog update will include a thorough explanation of the all difficulties% categories since I've seen a few runs. If your runs have not been accepted, It still has not been worked on yet, so expect one to come at the end of this month.

Also, a few misc changes will be revising northern lands categories and probably other ones to prevent the clutter of runs. There will probably be runs that will be put in the correct categories so If your run is not accurate in the category, please let me know or Jaydene about it.

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Website Changelog Update: 3/12/23

  • Revised the northern land categories such as the following: Removed the bonus boss tab from Insane difficulty. Thanks to @RockBlaster71 once again for reminding me.
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Website Changelog Update: 3/29/23

  • Renamed the old obsolete categories such as the following. ~ Removed the text "w/o skill points" on the old obsolete categories.
  • Renamed the glided Skies Insane & Nightmare tect to "w/skill points"
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Website Changelog Update: 4/11/23

Hello there. I didn't like the clutter of the subcategories within each difficulty, so I changed it. Now, you need to enter the difficulty and your gear restrictions separately. I also updated all runs, but if anything is inaccurate, please let me know and I will fix it. In addition, I changed the rules to match these changes. Thank you for getting used to the new categories.

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Also forgot to mention, but Wave Defense and All Difficulties have been moved to their own miscellaneous categories. That also means all dungeons now have an All Difficulties category, not just Desert Temple and Winter Outpost.