Red Ball Category Extensions Forum  /  I think there should be a category for level 4 il 'no death warp'

It would be good


The only other ILs that have subcats are level 8 and level 16
Level 8 is because the Lag Abuse uses a strat that is banned in current runs
Level 16 is more of a meme but is significantly different from the other way you do it.
Level 4 death warp is allowed in runs and isnt significantly different from the normal route to warrant a subcat.
I dont run rb1 though so maybe others would disagree

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Agree with Thog. Just a new strat / glitch that's going to be as standard as spike glitch and we don't have a gless subcategory yet.

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I've been thinking of adding variable like this for a few of the RB1 individual levels. They wouldn't separate the leaderboard, just allow you to filter and see what you like. In this way you could submit, track, and compare your best sub-optimal runs: like no death-warp 4, non-sub-20-train, or "fast 3".

If this appeals to people, I could look at doing it in the next little while.

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Sounds interesting. Might be better as a spreadsheet but could be cool.