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So i have been running RB4 ILs for some time now and i think there are a few changes that would be nice to see in the igt hacks
1. Its really odd that the v3 timer runs on frames but the v1/2 ones are based on time. I dont care which is switched but making the same would be nice. Probably prefer switching the v3 to actual time just because its easier.
2. Timer updating on flags. I dont want a constantly updating timer just because its hard to see but being able to see what pace im on at each flag would be very nice.
3. Timer updating on boss hits even when they dont damage the boss. V2 boss especially seeing the ending of phase 1 matters a lot more than the last damaging hit.

Just some things i think would be beneficial obviously i have no idea how to do this myself otherwise i would and if its really difficult to do its definitely not worth the effort. But if at all possible it would be nice to have these changes made.

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