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Thread: Tip the Iceberg Category

Started by: PaulmallPaulmall

this is great, i'll see what i can do

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Forum: Club Penguin (Original)

Thread: ???????

Started by: camelogicalcamelogical

taken care of, i thought it was suspicious but i wanted to see if anyone else agreed with me before making a decision


Forum: Club Penguin (Original)

Thread: The New WR is not in incognito.

Started by: k9254579k9254579

I'll edit the rules to clarify that that is ok to do


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Thread: Can I use firefox?

Started by: TheRoundCubeTheRoundCube

I don't see a problem with it!


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Thread: Please remove this cheaters run

Started by: funnylmaofunnylmao

The issue has been......... Dealt with. Thank you


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Thread: Questions about rules

Started by: RandomnoRandomno

look at mi new thread


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Thread: RIP Leaderboard

Started by: [Deleted user]

check mi new thread


Forum: Club Penguin (Original)

Thread: Continuation of Runs

Started by: rats7rats7

I've spent a couple days in my free time going through various club penguin private servers, and I'm pretty sure should work. Is everyone ok with this? (cpps is another one, but it has some differences and gives coins differently)


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Thread: Possible Mistake?

Started by: BringZeWubsBringZeWubs

(edited: )

It took 6 real seconds for your in game timer to go from 1 to 2. So you were able to put in 6 seconds of inputs in 1 in game second, while everyone else puts in 1 second of inputs in 1 in game second. See the problem?