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The hardest trick in ng+ is at the start of the game and wr can only do it about 60% of the time. Also I wanna see what a glitch less catagory could be like. It's all about movement and skill which hits my sweet spot when it comes to speedrunning!


Hardest trick?You mean big jump in veldin?I get it like 90% of the time,is all about practice.If u have problems with big jump u can do the optimal strat (around 5 secs slower),we use it on any%,just look at any% wr.
Glitchless category wouldn't be that much different cuz there are barley any glitches in the game,the whole run is about going oob.
Aside from aridia planet completion (if u can even consider that a glitch cuz insomniac just left that there),couple dialogue skips,storing slingshot,cliping through the walls and elevator skip i can't really think of anything else.


Sry I'm just triggered at the jump