1.07 rilgar issue
Fyn, Denmark

Yeah, some things are patched on 1.07. If you mean going to the Trespasser in NG+, then you must be doing something incorrectly - 1.07 is optimal for NG+, but slower for all the other categories.

Victoria, Australia

i reckon just give it a try and if it doesnt work then find another way, 3 bucks isnt much of a waste if it doesnt work normally by inputing the code in your psstore

Iowa, USA

The community would not agree for a category split like that because no other category does that and people even wont split UYA NG+ PS2 and PS3 so no.

Victoria, Australia

the sites not shady, ive bought a code from there with no problem as have other people, unlucky it doesnt work for you though. hmm, if u cant find a link anywhere or ebay or anything then i guess you wont be able to compete in the top teir for the any% and 100% unless you can convince the mods to split the category. im with you on wanting the split because it isnt fair but thats life i suppose :D

Victoria, Australia

thats just how it is, and a lot of speedgames have aspects which require u to buy something if u want to be competitive to the highest extent you can, i guess this is just one :)

New South Wales, Australia

Its like how some games you need a PC to be competitive. Its unfortunate but its the way it is.

However I think the mods would split the categories if enough people request it. It probably wouldve happened already if more people wanted to run the game without bouncer earlier to release. But with the current activity I dont see it happening.

Victoria, Australia

you can always run it without bouncer for fun, its up to you how competitive you wanna be

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