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Hi all, since we just had our first emu submission I think emu options should be discussed. While running splatterhouse 2 it was discovered that Fusion handles lag very poorly which led to significant time saves. I'm not sure if this would have a direct impact with race drivin' but I just want to give any emu runners a heads up that this could impact submissions in the future if we are able to confirm it has an impact. It was found that Genesis Plus GX or Bizhawk handle the lag emulation best so it's recommended to use either of those options. Just putting this out there in case there is a new WR run posted on emu since Char tore up the tracks on her first day. Any questions, suggestions, comments, whatever let me or Punkin know.


I tested a few emulators: Fusion364, Gens+00961, Regen0972 (SSE2), and BizHawk-2.3. I was able to beat my record on all 4, even with mistakes. BizHawk was the closest to actual speed, fwiw.


Fusion definitely runs too fast and should be banned imo. Bizhawk and Regen were the best.