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Really good early game. Bad RNG boat, silly shenanigans in Summit 2, bad HSJ in HHQ3 and really bad shields at the final reflux phase. Sub1h is within reach, especially if I keep pumping out these early games every day

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1h 00m 51s
Real Time Attack
1h 01m 22s
1 month ago
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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-FC 10m 53s 776ms0m 53s 776ms
2-Hands Skip2m 11s 457ms3m 05s 233ms
3-FC 30m 37s 822ms3m 43s 055ms
4-FC 40m 55s 990ms4m 39s 045ms
5-FC 50m 30s 380ms5m 09s 425ms
6{The Fairy Council} Plsdontfall 11m 25s 608ms6m 35s 033ms
7-CF 12m 32s 237ms9m 07s 270ms
8-CF 20m 27s 865ms9m 35s 135ms
9-CF 30m 53s 040ms10m 28s 175ms
10-MK Roll0m 35s 410ms11m 03s 585ms
11-CF 50m 27s 054ms11m 30s 639ms
12{Clearleaf Forest} Plsdontfall 22m 02s 326ms13m 32s 965ms
13-Begoniax Skip1m 03s 783ms14m 36s 748ms
14-BoM 20m 45s 500ms15m 22s 248ms
15-BoM 30m 52s 470ms16m 14s 718ms
16-EMT :D0m 48s 412ms17m 03s 130ms
17-Razoff Skip0m 22s 828ms17m 25s 958ms
18{Bog of Marko} Razoff not skip0m 57s 200ms18m 23s 158ms
19-Podocrocks :)1m 07s 118ms19m 30s 276ms
20-LotLD 20m 50s 173ms20m 20s 449ms
21-Gate Skip Skip0m 19s 920ms20m 40s 369ms
22-Céloche Skip1m 14s 155ms21m 54s 524ms
23-Orange Can Skip0m 33s 475ms22m 27s 999ms
24{Land of the Livid Dead} Plsdontfall 32m 20s 685ms24m 48s 684ms
25-Lethal Lava Land1m 17s 829ms26m 06s 513ms
26-Pidgeon Skip0m 43s 583ms26m 50s 096ms
27-Knaaren Glidewalk1m 09s 161ms27m 59s 257ms
28-Almost break time1m 20s 896ms29m 20s 153ms
29-Wimpy Reflux2m 35s 589ms31m 55s 742ms
30-I fuckign love dotk60m 25s 692ms32m 21s 434ms
31-Rikochet Skip1m 03s 243ms33m 24s 677ms
32{Desert of the Knaaren} DotK 80m 27s 008ms33m 51s 685ms
33-Free Trick0m 49s 011ms34m 40s 696ms
34-LS 20m 38s 740ms35m 19s 436ms
35{The Longest Shortcut} LS 31m 03s 876ms36m 23s 312ms
36-Skillboat3m 17s 648ms39m 40s 960ms
37-SBtC 21m 59s 676ms41m 40s 636ms
38{Summit Beyond the Clouds} Snowboarding2m 03s 238ms43m 43s 874ms
39-HHQ 10m 46s 439ms44m 30s 313ms
40-Run Graveyard0m 52s 538ms45m 22s 851ms
41-HHQ 30m 51s 296ms46m 14s 147ms
42-warning : incorrect rayman initial position please correct it asap0m 47s 651ms47m 01s 798ms
43{Hoodlum Headquarters} Precipice ripoff0m 58s 083ms47m 59s 881ms
44-TotL 10m 56s 820ms48m 56s 701ms
45-TotL 21m 55s 377ms50m 52s 078ms
46-kobalGamer2m 01s 608ms52m 53s 686ms
47-Less wimpy Reflux
4m 21s 159ms57m 14s 845ms
48{Tower of the Leptys} AndreNooo4m 07s 188ms1h 01m 22s 033ms
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