Glitchless - Emulator in 2h 46m 03s by McSMcS - 1st place

Late split. Almost a flawless run. Definitely happy with Fairy Glade, Cave, Menhir Hills and Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. I did few minor screwups around the run and I had a terrible late game, but overall I'm happy with the run. Sorry Hero ?

Analog Stick: Yes

Played on PlayStation 2 [USA] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by McSMcS on

Verified by LilliePadLilliePad on


Name Duration Finished at
-Prison 0m 29s 532ms 0m 29s
-Woods of Light 3m 53s 734ms 4m 23s
{Rescuing Ly} The Fairy Glade 11m 16s 127ms 15m 39s
-The Bayou 6m 46s 074ms 22m 25s
-The Lost Island 3m 27s 314ms 25m 52s
{The First Mask} Sanctuary of Water and Ice 2m 19s 378ms 28m 12s
-The Menhir Hills 5m 46s 673ms 33m 58s
-The Marshes of Awakening 4m 19s 979ms 38m 18s
-The Cave of Bad Dreams 8m 25s 935ms 46m 44s
-The Menhir Hills Part 2 5m 28s 772ms 52m 13s
-The Canopy 6m 58s 787ms 59m 12s
-Whale Bay 7m 13s 942ms 1h 06m 26s
{The Second Mask} Sanctuary of Stone and Fire 12m 05s 886ms 1h 18m 32s
-Pirate Ambush 6m 55s 617ms 1h 25m 27s
-The Precipice 9m 06s 407ms 1h 34m 34s
-The Pirate Mines 7m 54s 051ms 1h 42m 28s
-Echoing Caves 7m 28s 863ms 1h 49m 57s
-The Pirate Factory / Biditank 5m 57s 572ms 1h 55m 54s
-Beneath the Sanctuary of Lava 7m 01s 570ms 2h 02m 56s
{The Third Mask} Sanctuary of Rock and Lava 7m 14s 285ms 2h 10m 10s
-Tomb of the Ancients 11m 26s 598ms 2h 21m 37s
-The Iron Mountains 4m 43s 554ms 2h 26m 20s
{The Fourth Mask} Grolem 13 4m 15s 258ms 2h 30m 35s
-The Prison Ship 9m 14s 003ms 2h 39m 49s
-The Crow's Nest 3m 00s 403ms 2h 42m 50s
Razorbeard 3m 13s 106ms 2h 46m 03s
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