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5 years ago
Virginia, USA

Hey guys,

Had a weird thing happen where one of my runs was blocked on YouTube due to a copyright claim from the company in Japan that holds the rights to the music from RBI. Just wanted to give everybody a heads up. If you upload to YouTube, don't delete your original.

United States

If you stream you should really highlight the run on twitch so that it is always available in case something like this happens. Also when streaming you can local record to your computer so that you always have a copy of your run there as well. Doesn't twitch allow you to upload videos directly to thier site? I've never done it but it may be worth a try.

If you stream on YouTube then i can't help you there as i know nothing about it. You should be able to download your runs off of YouTube however if you don't have a copy on your computer.

Does the company claiming to own the copyright actually own said copyright? If so how much of the run do they state uses thier music? Asking mainly because I've had false copyright claims against myself on YouTube in the past.

Sorry i had to reject your runs but if they're unwatchable i can't verify them. Hope you can get this straightened out one way or another, be a shame to waste a couple of potentially good runs.

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Also it is very odd that your newest runs would get a copyright claim while your older, All Teams any% run (still watchable on the board), would be fine especially considering the run on the board is direct capture with no commentary.

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Virginia, USA

I stream to twitch, but I also back up the files locally and then have been uploading to YouTube. I’m going to submit one with the Twitch link today, so it’s not a big deal for me. But I wanted to advise others not rely on YouTube only.

The only thing I can think of is that the two runs they got flagged were both longer and in both I used the game sounds only and didn’t have a mic hooked up.

I check the copyright claim and googled the Japanese characters it listed. He did say the copyright claim was based off the game that’s the Japanese version of RBI baseball. It’s super weird that this company would be enforcing the really old copyright, but if you Google the company name apparently they’ve been enforcing a lot of Japanese copyrights and stopping music and things from being viewed in America on YouTube for free. It’s just very weird that they care about a 30-year-old game .

Anyway, I’ve uploaded to Twitch and going to resubmit with hopefully no issues. Just didn’t want anybody to lose a run because of this issue.

Virginia, USA

Just noticed you mentioned the older all teams run. That is weird their not didn’t catch that one. Maybe it was because of game volume. No clue really.

Virginia, USA

Ok I just edited the submission. Also I realized I had clicked the wrong category anyway.

Thanks for putting the time into moderating and verifying the times; I know there’s been a little influx of them for the game lately. If you ever feel like you need moderation help, I wouldn’t mind helping out if you’re looking for anyone. Again, thanks.

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