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Hey mods, could I be promoted to moderator in Pokémon picross? Right now, our 3 mods haven't done many runs for a long period of time and aren't that involved in the community. I think that I should be mod because I’ve done a lot of runs and have been an active member of the community for a long time. I have a lot of passion for this game and also run the picross speedrunning discord, where I regularly see people discuss speedrunning the game.


I have some 0s ILs that can’t be submitted right now because doesn’t allow it. Are you able to change that and make it so they are distinguishable from 1s (probably by adding milliseconds and accepting them as 001ms)?

Could you also add levels after the easy ones? I’ve started to speedrun them.


Since N3DS has faster loads, can we have N3DS added as a console?


Sorry I saw this so late, but emulators aren’t allowed, as all 3ds emulators emulate inaccurately. You also wouldn’t be able to use touchscreen which would be super slow. You could just record your ILs with a phone or something, like I do in Pokémon picross.


On 100% Areas: IMO we should go like Any% and have it go in order, like if you were playing from a new file, but it doesn’t really matter to me and we can do whatever. I care a lot more in Any%, as you’re supposed to be pretending you’re on a new file, but on 100%, it gets a lot less clear, especially since we use pokemon unlocked a lot later (this is needed in basically every area). Actually, because of that, it would probably make a lot more sense to go in any order then. You aren’t even trying to pretend it’s a new file, as you can’t.

(Also do the timing rule changes, except we should clarify if it’s based on when it first appears/dissaprears or the sound cue)

On 100% ILs: I guess I thought they had a purpose, but looking at it now, it would be a total mess switching between RTA and IGT, and also the only level differences would include more RNG (aka what we all hate). A large portion of the levels wouldn’t even have any differences between 100% and any%.

On All Levels: I totally see where you’re coming from, but idk if it would be really too different from 100%. I do think that Any% and 100% become very different, but the only difference between All Levels and 100% is using pokemon, which doesn’t make it seem too different IMO. I could see this coming into consideration again if we find out 100% sucks to grind because of support pokemon, but right now I think it would be too much leaderboard clutter, especially considering the highest area that has been ran is 7.

On Alt World: I almost agree, except it would double the amount of subcategories, which may make it a bit confusing. I understand where you’re coming from though, and IMO they should be added (although it may clutter the boards a lot). Except not ILs, because doubling the amount of ILs would suck and there is no difference.

On 200%: 200% Makes sense, as it would be completing each world to its fullest extent. I’d probably want to see this added more than the Alt World categories, although it could end up becoming boring to run.

On Murals: Please? (Except I haven’t even fully unlocked them yet lol)


This is long overdue, but here's the invite to the picross series speedrunning discord


1589 is a bad idea because 3dl 335 medals without streetpass (assuming that's what you'd do) hasn't ever been routed yet because it would require you to change the 3ds clock a bunch, and is just a dumb extension of special ending. There's also mystery box rng, which would be a pain to deal with. Also 242 galaxy 1 is redundant and no one would ever want to do that in a marathon run like this.


The discord link has expired.

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@Unessential check pending actions (in your profile), click on the run, and then click on the three dots in the top right corner. You can edit it from there.

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sorry. I thought that that was the one that wouldn't run out. The actual invite code is 5vufjPF.

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I made a discord for this series a bit ago, but didn't share it here because this game was dead at the time. Here's the invite link:

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And I'd count the number of frames the level took? I'm kind of uninformed in the process, sorry 😛

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Could you tell me how you counted the frames? I want to be able to do this, as I may be looking to improve my times in row 1, but I can't just submit like 20 runs and have you find out which one is fastest.

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Don't tell me I have to do 2C and 2E again, those levels are absolute hell 😑

Weird how they would be corrupted like that.

Thanks for converting the times to RTA, it'll be SO much more accurate. It'll also allow for little improvements rather than having a best possible time, which is much better IMO.

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btw you lost some of my runs, because I uploaded multiple runs of some of row 1 and row 2, and changing the sorting made the slower one show up.

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I mean I was suggesting just compensating for the game's weirdness by just rounding to the nearest second, but you could change it to RTA if you want to. It'll be a pain for someone to retime all of their ILs if they want to go for an RTA record though lol

I'm fine with it.

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I just feel that this "manipulation" of the game is quite useless and shouldn't be factored in, as it would be quite annoying to have to reset every time you get it, and it's putting unnecessary "RNG" into the game. We could use time from start of timer, which would mean that if your timer started on 30:00 and you got a 29:58, it would be ranked as the exact same as a run starting on 29:59 got a 29:57. They would both be listed as 2 seconds, as they were executed about the exact same. Having the run start at 30:00 being listed as ahead just because it started at a different frame seems somewhat unfair, and annoying to grind for the right IGT timer start.

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