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Questing for Glory: An online RPG marathon

Submit games here:


Questing for Glory will take place October 30th through the 5th on the RPG Limit Break channel ( It is a general RPG marathon aimed at showcase RPGs and just having fun.


Submissions will open September 18th and go until October 1st and 11:59 PM PST. The games list will be posted by October 7th, with the schedule made within a few days following the games list being posted.

The length of the marathon will vary from 2 to 5 days depending on how many submissions are received. Each person can submit up to 5 games, with no limit on the amount of categories.


The idea for the marathon is to have fun and celebrate all RPGs. When submitting games, remember that popularity or length of game will not be a deciding factor in which games are chosen, we are just looking for fun games with fun commentary.

Submit games here:

All of the information about Questing for Glory is on the submission document. Any additional questions or remarks are welcome.

Discord server:


Just a reminder - Submissions close tomorrow night, Sunday night at 11:59 PM PST. Get those submissions in if you are interested in joining!


Submissions are closed! Thank you all for the huge support. The games list will be released by Oct 13th, and the schedule a day or two after that.