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So, I'm about to jump into the max% wizard category here, but I wanted to verify something. Crow has this category, but his time looks like it kept running after what the rules specify to be the final moment (final action / cursor change for knocking down Ad Avis). I believe his run should actually be considered ~24:46. Am I wrong about some aspect of this?

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I would agree with your interpretation. Some people might disagree about where exactly to end the timer, but as currently written it should stop with cursor change on Ad Avis' death.


Yeah, it's because AGDI did something different with the game that QFG2EGA didn't do: they gave you a choice. I hadn't looked into it at that point, yet, and had no idea. Crow probably has the right idea; but that totally depends on something I'm still unsure of. Does selecting Wizard or Paladin show or hide the additional 50 points on the final character screen?

If it shows 550 points no matter what, it should be on Ad Avis' death. If it shows 500 if you choose to forgo Paladin-hood, then it should be where Crow ends timing.

Make a video and report back. 😃