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I think this would be good for people who don't have 3-5 hours of time to spare or screw up near the end which makes that time they spent pretty much worthless unless they're willing to go through with a game over which most probs won't be.

For Day, the time starts as it usually would and for all the others, it starts when you press 'adventure'. Time would end when they collect the level 10 plant or the end prize like the trophy or moneybag for that world.

PC, Android/IOS and DS should all have their own runs due to PC being seemingly shorter than the other 2 and DS apparently has 5 flag levels so that's self-explanatory.

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Would probably be at the top of the IL board. I could see myself running that, good idea!

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I likethis idea. We'd have to work out the rules and timing clearly.

We usually start 1-1 when the first plant is planted, but this same logic really can't be applied to 2-1 onwards. I'm also not a fan of requiring the running to start from "Adventure" for each of these IL's, because these IL attempts can/should be captured in the middle of an Any% attempt for maximum competitiveness. Maybe timing for 2-1 through 5-1 should begin on the frame when the "lawn" appears and ends when the prize is collected on the 10th level.

We'd also need to decide how to incorporate the shop, particularly for fog (4th) and roof (5th). Technically, you could farm the 9th/10th seed slots, roof/pool cleaners, or other upgrades. Not sure how best to handle this.

The auto-save feature makes this category a bit troublesome too, since restarting isn't as easy as it is for the other IL's... other than the day levels.

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its a cool idea but it would be kinda hard to execute because of what warmech said, i kinda think the survival categories and really similar to IW runs. if we do this we would have to make saves for each one and it would kinda be similar to undertale resets (which are a hastle because you have to drag in a save from a zip to the game files). if theres a lot of interest for this well definitely think about this more

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Fog and roof (and possibly pool) may be troublesome to implement but I think that ‘day’ and ‘night’ categories would be no problem.


Couldn't runners just use the Save File Editor in the resources section if they wanted to run individual levels?

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