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In order to help maintain the competitiveness of a game with a small player base such as Puyo SUN, we have created a Category that pools all console times together.

With this addition how ever comes a few changes to the system. Times will now be sorted by "In-Game" time. This doesnt change any of the current runs, but does create a dynamic which new rules must be applied.

1. From now on when submitting a time you MUST include the entire credit roll. This allows us to track the in game time much easier.

2. All submitted times MUST be Deathless. Due to the way this game calculates "In-Game" time (deaths are NOT included in the total) deaths cannot be allowed. With an exception being made for playing on Hard mode, with a SINGLE intentional death on Satan being allowed.

The 2nd rule is a bit awkward, due to Hard mode runs having a death implemented in the main strategy, how ever this is not hard to enforce / moderate, and should cause no issue to the runners.

The 2nd Rule Also changes the way we approach the Satan fight. Since the time it takes to die to Satan and the time it takes to die to Carbuncle are virtually identical, it was previously thought that you could use the death to gain information on the Satan fight, this how ever is longer the case. While you can still decide to fight Carbuncle in a hard mode run, doing so will increase your "in-game" time by 2-3 seconds, so it's best avoided.

Also for the time being, "All Modes" runs will remain sorted by RTA. If you are submitting an "All Modes" run, please so NOT post an in-game time.

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