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While testing out some path select combinations in the debug mode, @SubmarineCpt and I found out that having the History Report in the Old West is faster than having the Calculator in the Old West, since you have to get the keys, then you have to go through the cutscene where you have to select the key to open the chest. Then, you have to click the chest once you click the correct key, which has a cutscene that can be partially skipped; you can see this in a typical Any% route that has the Calculator in Old West. Since the Calculator couldn't be placed in the Old West anymore, we decided to put it in Dinoland, since with good RNG it could be fast as well. Submarine and I decided to make these changes because we have been doing some Any% Random Seed races for the past day, getting close to seeing every single combination that this game can offer.

Overall, this new route saves time over the typical Any% route because History Report in Old West is much faster than getting the Calculator instead. Also, if given good RNG, the Calculator in Dinoland can save time over getting the Calculator in the Old West. Mainly, the overall time saved not having to get the keys in Gold River, and opening the chest in Hubcap HIll. Instead, we take the wire cutters in the Rock Mine, and save Virgil Clyde in Hubcap Hill, then going to the General Store, and taking the History Report on the window. The save file, for non steam only, will be provided in the Resources tab for this page.