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Okay. I said I'd make a thread post about RNG, so here it is.

Piano Tiles uses RNG to decide which of the 4 (assuming x¤4 layout) slots the next tile should go in. Everytime we press a tile, the game calls RNG. The game always seems to follow a certain pattern when RNG is called, so we can learn this pattern and follow it to get a decent 2~3 second run.

"How did you get your 1 second run?" you might ask...
Well, there's a form of RNG manipulation that you can do, and it's a forced RNG call. (unsure of official name) What's this? This is when we purposely fail, which forces the next 25 RNG calls to be decided immediately.

For some reason, when we play the game normally, only the next tile gets RNG called, and it gets pretty random on what tile, so it's very hard to guess. If we lose the game by pressing a white tile, the next set of 25 tiles in the next game get called to RNG, and they are not overwritten in the memory when we press tiles. Because the 25 tiles generated have a similar hash value when we call the RNG, they will not be far away from each other (1,2 or 2,3 or 3,4 NOT 1,4), and so we are able to jitter-click the screen for maximum output. As a result, we can get a very quick time.

I mentioned in the desc. of my last one that I did the following two things:
- Defragmentation
- Restarting the phone completely and resetting the cache/cookies

Defragmentation means the game thinks quicker, and overall will give me a better time, as there's less clogged up bullshit in the phone. I would also buy a cheap separate phone and ONLY play piano tiles on that one, so there's no rubbish coming from other games to disturb gameplay speed.

Restarting the phone and removing the cookies/cache is currently only a theory for me. As far as I know, the game's RNG is also checked by the phone, so theoretically clearing the phone's memory and/or uninstalling+reinstalling piano tiles should restart how the RNG is called, and therefore with good observation, will allow you to get a very good time as you have practiced it.

However, there are some songs in PT that don't call RNG, instead they fall under a fixed set. This can be learned, but I doubt you can get a good time unless you jitterclick AND move your fingers accordingly, which I'm not bothered to do.

Thanks for reading the post. I said I wouldn't take back the WR and I did, but this time I honestly don't think I'll take it back unless WR is more than a second.

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either that or you can just jitterclick the screen normally and hope you get 25 tiles in one line


Wait, so do you just manipulate the RNG by dying? And doing that makes it slightly more likely that you'll have everything in a straight line?
>there are some songs in PT that don't call RNG

What songs are these? I'd rather learn these than restart for hours. Do they also have no RNG in arcade and rush modes?


I'm not aware of which ones aren't calling rng because i never bothered trying, but dying constantly doesn't necessarily make it more likeky but it forces rng to be called again


So... you just jitterclick and pray to rngesus?