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I was playing 50 tiles in hopes of getting to 6 seconds when I realized I was never beating my best time. I checked my best time to find that it was 0.147 seconds! I reopened the app to make sure it wasn't some visual error. Lo and behold it wasn't.

My question is if this time has any merit in being submitted. I am unable to produce any video of the run (I haven't played since before the video rule change), but I am able to produce video of me showing the time using another phone's camera.


If you can't beat 6 seconds it's 100% physically impossible you got 0.1 seconds. Pretty sure your phone just lagged out REALLY hard in just the right place to get you that run.

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So you'd say it's an illegitimate run?


Of course its not a real time. Besides you need video proof for WRs


It’s a glitch with the device and lag, this causes many insignificant times being produced, I do think that merits a postable score on cyberscore but not here