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So as I was searching for some games to run I found this one. I downloaded it and tried some time. After that I looked on to the current wr screens. And maybe his app was weird but as you can see in the follwing gif, on these screenshots the font size/ note position and note count position changes. I've seen it while repeatingly skip through browser tabs.
Also on the wr pro screenshot:

There is a black dot/triangle between numbers.
Maybe I'm wrong or we have someone who is faster in Photoshop than in Piano tiles.

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I was wondering why the numbers were smaller compared to both of my phones (Sony Xperia Z1 & Samsung Galaxy J3), that could explain it. The triangle is interesting too, I didn't notice it before.


this is pretty interesting and i never even realized this. should the runs be removed? since they do look photoshopped with that weird small triangle


I thought the triangle was a piece of dirt on my monitor, but it isn't. Good spotting. But are the iOS and android apps different cosmetically and that explains the triangle, or not?


the WR holder is the same guy for every category and he played on an android device, unless he used different devices for each one there is no reason the text should be different sizes


Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly. aka Fishy af.


I think its Photoshopped. If not the runner himself could maybe tell us why its so smelly in here 😉. It's just fair to remove or set the run back to waiting for approval until he can explain everything. And in a case of I call it "cheating" we should maybe talk to a admin but of course thats up to the moderators 🙂

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@hoXyyy its not just the number in the middle, also the amount of "notes" in the top right corner and their, (I just know this word from css) padding.


@derek31047 All the screens in the gif are from the WR holder. Also the screen with the black triangle.


i would say you caught a cheater... but i guess its the guys response and waht the mods say now 😛


" If not the runner himself could maybe tell us why its so smelly in here"

don't think we can do that since i think the guy only speaks russian

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@derek31047 Google translate...? But yeah, the only way to get this sorted is to get it from the horse's mouth (so to speak).


I could explain how I got my WR run, but I've already made a thread on that and it's pretty self explanatory.

I don't understand how 1.026 was achieved so quick, unless he was planning to beat my run from the start. Even then, must've taken time

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Coming back to this... What should we do with Ghost's and Shnick's runs? Ghost is banned from the site (lol) and Schnick's runs look like they were Photoshopped, so I'm thinking about just removing them.


@hoXyyy I would agree of removing them if it feels like they are photoshopped. As for my other account, I will remove them by myself since I have the new updated better world records in this account. So, no worries.

As for ghost,
and ever since that ban, it looks like his accounts never active again.

As for AnimeShnick, I seriously have no idea how he/she gets that insane high scores unless hard solid video evidences.

Once again, its up to the votes and moderator decisions 🙂

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Without speaking of fake evidence, the « pro » category records contain 3 insane times, that seems not possible for human like sec how the hell !
I try harded this game so much and my pb is arround 5.7..
Mb you should remove them ?
I checked « 50 » and it seems to be the same :thinking:
Totaly fake imo


I can confirm 3.x is possible, I got 3.1 or something on my old ipod touch. However sub 1 times are DEFINITELY impossible.
Edit: nevermind I'm thinking if classic 25. There is evidence that a lot of those times are fake.

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