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Because of influx of photoshopped images claiming to be WR, I've added a rule that requires times below one second to have a video attached. Current times won't be removed, but future submissions will require one.

Other categories may have such a rule as well if there's a need for it.

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Hey hoXiu and derek31047, current non-deserving Classic 25 WR holder here. This may be a long bit of text, so I hope you have some time to read.
I fully appreciate that you're starting changes for this game. The leaderboard really REALLY needs a good cleaning. While I agree it's almost impossible to differentiate between a legit run and a fake one on the first look (unless badly photoshopped), I am comming to you today offering a complete solution while mitigating collateral damage.

First of, let's list all the known ways to cheat:
- Modifying the game files while the game is on
- Using a Cheat Engine-like tool to modify data as the game is running
- Using a Cheat Engine-like tool to slow the game down (that's what I used in the run you jsut accepted)
- Good ol' Photoshop

Then, let's separate run times into four categories:
1. "It doesn't really matter" wich should be verifiable simply using an image in the description (NOT in the video link slot, I'll come back to this later)
2. "Good times that need verification" Those are the regular runs that now need video verification
3. "Seemingly impossible" Where we should draw the line is addressed in the next paragraph. These runs NEED to be recorded externally and see the fingers move on the screen.
4. "Glitched"

So of course the question is now: Where do we draw the arbitrary lines? Well, let's try to make them as least arbritrary as possible. While I don't currently have a specific number for each category right now, I don't mind doing a few hours of first hand research TASing the game to come up with a well thought out number.
Until then, we can use the numbers offered by Google Play's official leaderboard (for example in classic 25 it's 2 seconds) for "Seemingly impossible" and an arbritrary let's say 4 seconds for "Good times that need verification" (anything above 4 sec is easily achievable with 1-2h of practice, even less if you use the fast tiles setting only availabe on iOS (not on android and idk about windows phone). These days anyone can get themselves a cheap video recording setup that doesn't take much space if they actually want to grind for WR times. There's basically no excuse not to.

Glitched runs deserve their own subcategories, and just like "Good times that need verification", they should be at least screen recorded so that we can see the glitch in action. Glitches are totally in the spirit of speedrunning, but we need to be able to differentiate between seemingly impossible skill and lucky/cool glitch.

Now, once again, I understand you might not want to accidentally remove legit, well earned runs. But understand, this problem has spread literally like cancer. And I'm not saying that to be offensive, it has literally spread like it (or I guess plague is kinda close as well): it affected more and more runs to a point where we're not even sure wich are clean or not. To get rid of it, collateral damage is needed. And even then it'll never totally be gone, but we can keep it at bay if we took the right measures.

Altough one great way to mitigate unwanted collateral damage is by, (if that's even something mods can do), removing the video verification and moving the image links to the description. This way we can search through the leaderboard using the video-verified variable without flat out deleting old runs.

As for me, like I said I'm willing to spend some of my own personnal time to find well thought out arbritrary lines to separate categories by TASing the game and seeing what's even humanly viable as long as the mods are willing to put the efforts in fixing this leaderboard as well. (note here I said "viable", not "possible", there's always pleasant surprises in speedrunning 🙂 ). Once you guys are on it, please also remove my time wich has been done by slowing the game down to 0.01x on an actual android phone for the mere reason of proving a point.

In hopes to restore all of this leaderboard's potential glory.

Edit: I can remove my own run myself, so that's been done.

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The only true world record holder is LappySheep.