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Would be cool to have a box showing upcoming/running events for each game, such as tournaments, community races etc.

Maybe something like this:

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Update for everyone who didn't know it yet, you can now generate your own cheatfiles on this website: - Some codes have been upgraded since my last post. See the descriptions of the individual codes.

I also put up the 'Shine Get Timer' for all versions today, which hopefully makes comparisons easier. It starts on the last static frame of the loading screen and ends when the Shine Get animation starts, similiar to the X-Cam timer of SM64.

A summary of the differences between the previous timer and this one can be found here:

Additionally there's a troubleshooting section here: for the common issues when trying to use codes.

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Sounds good to me. Feel free to adjust the categories FrankerZ


I like the suggestion, however maybe it'd be better to keep any% and have a "Finish the game" category (instead of "Reach Credits")?


Edit: Go here:

Practice Codes V 2.0 (Beta)

I posted these on Discord already but to make it easier for people to find it here's the practice codes with the ingame timer beta.


You can download the updated codes here! Follow the installation guide from the original post.




New features

- Added an ingame timer. -> [Demo (Youtube)](

Same IGT as in the demo, except that it also resets in Delfino. Note that the IGT messes with existing IGTs, such as Blooper Safari, Piantissimo and Pianta/Sirena 6. Red buttons still work.


I put the gecko codes on Github in case someone wants to contribute and to make versioning easier. You can find them here.

If you want to build your own cheatfiles use the Codemanager.
A guide on how to us it can be found here: [](

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Looks like I didn't get a notification for this thread, sorry about that.

Are you planning to run any of these categories currently?


Make sure you download the 1.4 codes from this post


1) Sure. Didn't know about Pinna 8 not reloading, gonna look into it. Thanks for the info.

For 2) 3) and 4) The goal is to have Z resetting the stage without exiting the area, similiar to what you suggested in 3). While it currently works on emu it actually hardlocks the Wii. Gonna look if I can add Airstrip separately.

5) I saw that clip on discord but afaik this was the only case where this happened? Haven't seen anyone else mentioning it.

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Also since it has been requested multiple times here's the 1.4 raw code for use with Dolphin emu (≥ 5.0). Reminder that some stuff won't work and I don't have time to fix codes for emu.



@Chaikitty: Make sure you unlock the nozzle (B & D-Pad Down) before entering/resetting the level if you used the nozzle switch. Even though the model is the same, you don't actually use the normal hover nozzle in underwater levels.


Yeah Fech told me about the JP memcard issue. However, that is actually Nintendonts fault (since it doesn't work even if you don't have codes enabled). Looking into it.

Also, good idea!


I didn't plan to update it that quickly but wanted to get the Pinna fix out asap.

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Edit: Go here:

Practice Codes V 1.4


You can download the updated codes here!


- JP: Switching Episodes in Pinna no longer resets the game!

New features

- New Warps:
- Petey
- King Boo (Will spawn you in the Casino)
- Eel
- Sandbird
- Blooper Safari
- Corona

- Reloading a level in Sirena spawns you in the hotel if available, similiar to the Pinna level resets

- You can now switch your alt nozzle at any time by holding B and pressing a button on the D-Pad.
- Left: Forces Rocket Nozzle
- Up: Forces Hover Nozzle
- Right: Forces Turbo Nozzle
- Down: Releases Nozzle lock
The switch takes effect as soon as you switch to your alt nozzle by pressing X once or twice depending which nozzle you're on. To let the game reset to the hover nozzle when entering a new level you need to release the lock first, otherwise you're gonna spawn with the nozzle you selected last. Same applies to nozzle boxes.
Please note that secret and special stages will by default load the nozzle you had equipped when you entered it, with the exception of Eel and Bowser.
Might sound a little complicated but just play around with it and you'll understand quickly.

Stuff that has not been fixed (yet)
- Mecha Bowser cutscenes still reset the game. Until it's fixed you can just use the secrets warp to to enter the Mecha fight.
- Sirena 5 still puts you in the Sirena 4 Casino. As workaround you can now use the new stage warp to the Boo Casino.

Further improvements are in the works, but don't expect any new releases within the next few weeks unless there's something that needs to be fixed asap.

Here's a quick reference for the button combinations:

The nozzle switch code is a modification of an AR code by James0x57.

Thanks to bounceyboy for providing more information regarding the Pinna resets.

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Originally posted by GohgoDude(...) but do you think you could make it possible to select which level you want to go to right off the bat on the Z-menu?

That's something I've been playing with, more specifically I want the Z menu to open the builtin debug HUD where you can select all stages. Might be included in a future release.

Originally posted by GohgoDudeThis is a bit off topic, but could you tell me how you made these codes? I'm interested in learning so I can try all sorts of things.

If you're just starting out, on Youtube you can find Dans detailed video guide, where you can learn all the basics on creating Gecko Codes!

Here's some ressources for more complex stuff like button events and asm injection PPC documentation for the assembly and Gecko Code Type Documentation.

I would suggest you to watch his guide and then look at the source of the practice codes I linked above. Translate the code back to assembly and try to understand what is going on. Here I wrote a detailed explanation of the Level Select code for you.

Originally posted by MousecoppDo I have to have the original codes on my SD card for this to work, or do these work independently?

The codes work independently, you shouldn't have two cheat files with the same name on your SD card anyway, Nintendont doens't like that.

Originally posted by StrongmanLinAlso one funny thing weird about the codes but not a really big deal, if you mash A to skip the cutscenes in Pinna 1 it resets the game, though that might not be fixable just because those cutscenes are weird.

Yes, this is a glitch that hasn't been fixed in the Level Select codes yet. Pinna Park is weird in general 🙂

Also, talking about Pinna Park, I got a few messages regarding Pinna Park still being broken on JP when trying to switch stages. Fix for that is in the works as well. It wasn't possible to fix it yet since I initially made the new Level select as compact as possible to work kenobiwii. (It's actually the same length as the old Level Select code).

Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback and further suggestions. I'll notify you when an update is ready.

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Edit: V1.4 available:
Edit: V2.0 (Beta) available:

Edit: Go here:

Hey guys. As some of you may already know, I wrote some updated practice codes based on Dan Salvatos codes. Below you can find the instructions on how to install and use them.

Let me know if something isn't working properly or if you want something added.


All original practice code features are still included in the new version. NTSC-U codes have been tested with the ISO and disc, PAL and JP only with disc (should work fine with an ISO though).

Level Select

Apart from the already existing stage warps, you can also load the Delfino secrets by keeping the C-Stick neutral when starting a save file or exiting a level. Available Delfino secrets are:
- L: Airstrip 2 (reds)
- R: Gelato Pipe
- LR: Pachinko
- ZL: Grass Pipe
- ZR: Lilypad
- ZLR: Jail Secret

Save States

Press left on the D-Pad to save Marios position, press right to load the saved position. The new codes also save the direction Mario is facing, so you don't have to adjust it everytime.

Dialogue Skip

(Toggle) Press up on the D-Pad at any time to replace all dialogues with a single line containing "!!!" and set max scroll speed. Game Events (Chucksters, Piantissimo, Blue Coins from Piantas, ...) still work. Press D-Pad down to set dialogues back to normal.

FMV Skips

(Always on) Makes all FMVs skippable by default, without having to watch them once first.

Disable Blue Coin Flag

(Always on) Prevents the game from setting the blue coin flags after you collect them. Resetting/-loading the stage therefore also resets the blue coins. As a side effect, your blue coin count will be stuck at 0.

99 Lives

(Always on) Infinite Lives.

Requirements & Installation

To use the practice codes you need Homebrew on your Wii.

After installing Homebrew, download this archive and unzip it somewhere on your computer.

The zip archive includes the following files/folders:
- apps/
-- Nintendont4434/
--- boot.dol
--- icon.png
--- meta.xml
- codes/
-- GMSP01.gct (PAL codes)
-- GMSJ01.gct (JP codes)
-- GMSE01.gct (US codes)

Since the new practice file exceeds the codelimit given by kenobiwii, a recent revision of Nintendont is necessary. To make it easier, I included Nintendont 4.434 in the archive, which I've been using to test the codes.

Place the codes and apps folder of the zip archive into the root of your SD card. Make sure there is no other GCT file in games/GMSX01/.


The Level Select code is a extension of Dan Salvatos original NTSC-U practice code and ParadoxKarls NTSC-J port.

The Save States are an extension of Dan Salvatos original NTSC-U Save States.

The Infinite Lives code for NTSC-U was made by Codejunkies

Raw codes (DPad Functions won't work properly with Dolphin!):

Thanks to Wilko for suggestions and testing!

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Here's some suggestions. Some were probably already mentioned by others:

(1) Add a FAQ page (moderation/inactivity, how to request games, how long it's gonna take, name change, ...).

(2) Hide platforms, release year, developers etc. in series and/or after a search if the they are not part of the results.

(3) Open all external links in a new tab by default, including urls in comments and forum posts.

(4) Imo there's too many sticky threads in the site forum. My suggestion would be to add BBCode to FAQ and discuss new features/changes via changelog à la github issue tracker). That would make it easier for both sides to keep track of suggestions / bugs and prevent duplicates.

(5) Automatically lock threads after a month of inactivity unless it's a sticky.

(6) Moderation history for each game (X verified Y's run on date T, S edited Q's run...).


I don't have a LGP but it works fine on the LGX. Just remember only PAL gamecubes support RGB.


Long story short: It can't handle composite > scart, only rgb scart.

If you only need to capture the Wii, component cables are really cheap and the quality is way better (LGP supports component too).

If you need to capture other consoles with composite cables, get a dazzle or gv-usb2. You can use composite to HDMI converters, but those usually produce a darker image. Which isn't a problem if you don't play dark games though.


Twitch partners have their subscriber icon next to their name.


Currently the subcategory acts as a variable and on the run page it also shows up as variable:

However, as subcategories usually have more significance than other variables (especially if it's been a seperate main category until now), I would like to make two suggestions on changing how the subcategory is displayed in the run page.

(1) Display the subcategory next to the category as shown in the following image and keep other vars in the footer:

In this preview I didn't use the same font color as the main category but the header color, as some categories already use brackets, slash etc. in the main category. This makes it easier to distinguish between main and subcategory.

(2) Keep the subcategory in the footer, but highlight it somehow (change font/set apart from other vars/...). Possible solution:

Naturally there's also the option to keep it as it is. 😉


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