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14th - 16th December 2018
Help Hope Live

PSXathon is a 48 hour long marathon being held from 14th-16th December 2018 to raise money for Help Hope Live. Participation will be done via the Discord screen sharing feature.

With the announcement of the PlayStation Classic in recent months I thought it would be a great idea to have a celebration of a generation defining console with a 48 hour long marathon to show you the best that the system has to offer, and what we think should be released for the PlayStation Classic.

The games featured in this marathon will be no longer than 3 - 4 hours and can be ran at either a casual pace or a speedrunning pace. The games would ideally be ran without using glitches, however if the glitchless category isnt suitable for that game then you may run the glitched category.

We want to see games ranging from the whacky to the wonderful, from the good to the bad, and from the awesome to the downright ridiculous. If you think it should be featured then we want to hear about it!

Come and join us on our Discord server as we get ready for the event:


Hey i have a few concerns.
1) Why Discord Screenshare? i dont really see why since you could just use Twitch instead.
2) You mention in Game Submissions that a webcam is a requirement, But you do know that you cant stream Game/Desktop capture and a webcam at the same time using Discord Screenshare? its one or the other.
3)You list down Requirements (streaming bitrate requirements) that dont really make sense if you were using Screenshare since Discord doesnt allow you to use Custom streaming resolutions or bitrates.
4) What do you mean by "ran at either a casual pace or a speedrunning pace (providing its glitchless.)" Does that mean you Dont want glitched runs? You dont really explain that well.

I have some interest but im unsure since you have some odd choices and dont explain certain things well.

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Hey, sure thing:

1) The idea of Discord screenshare was the (almost) realtime aspect, especially useful for commentators of the runs.
2) I was not aware of that fact no. I thought you were able to show the webcam over any applications that were being captured. I can ditch that requirement if so.
3) I figured this sort of requirement would cover at least the 720p option on the screen sharing side of things. Looking into things more it's probably more preferable that I specify that you need to be able to comfortably screenshare at 720p or higher.
4) Glitchless runs would be preferred, however if glithcless isnt suitable for that game then I'll allow glitches. I'll clarify that.

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Question, what about emulator runs? allowed or any kind of restriction?