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Hosting Submissions

PSXathon is a remote only marathon where we will be using the Discord screen sharing feature to capture hosting audio. All you need for this is a mic, no webcam is required. No previous experience is required other than a sample when you submit your application.

The hosts of the event are there to keep the audience engaged, inform them of any upcoming games, donation incentives or polls that may be running, and read out any (suitable) donations that we get coming in.

You can do as many shifts as you like whilst hosting.


The deadline for PSXathon host submissions is 7th December 2018, 23:59 GMT (11pm GMT). Any submissions placed after then will not be considered. We will let you know a few days after that if your hosting entry got approved or not, and will aim to have a host schedule out no later than 10th December 2018.

Submission Form

Get your entries in here: