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Game Submissions

PSXathon is a remote only marathon where we will be using the Discord screen sharing feature to capture gameplay, mic, commentary and hosting. Please note that before submitting your games you must meet the following requirements: Have a Discord account; be able to screenshare at 720p (or higher) for video/audio; and have a mic.

All of the runs in the marathon will be no-reset runs, and any games that runners submit must be the original versions of the game from the PSX, no remakes or remasters. Each runner is limited to three game submissions, and must provide as much info as possible about the game, the category, and any previous runs that they have done for the game.

Runners are able to bring in up to three commentators for their run if they are not comfortable doing this themself, however this is not a requirement.


The deadline for PSXathon game submissions is 30th November 2018, 23:59 GMT (11pm GMT). Any submissions placed after then will not be considered. The final schedule will be released a week later on the 7th December 2018.

Submission Form

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