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But if you skip all the missions, how do you get any levels? Won't you get one-shotted later in the game for story bosses?


You don't really have that problem if you find enough Reviver Seeds. The early game never has been a problem (ch1-ch12), I barely used any Reviver Seeds there. Later you've got many strong partners on your side which don't really require to be on a high level to do anything (as example Suicune+Entei+Raikou for Mega Tyranitar). The only parts where I've got some problems were Yvetal and that Water Dungeon before Prehistoric Ruins.

At least you can make the Yvetal battle much easier if you have a ban seed.


Fair enough, we've been discussing the "Give Up" strat in the PSMD Discord for the past few months but never got to test it directly yet. ( LINK [24h]: )

Will need to run this again once I get the time to, but the given Pastebin route is DEFINITELY a good lead for All Connections or anything past that (100%, Max%, etc.), especially for stat-boosts.

At some point though the stat disadvantage needs to be addressed, since I can't see being underleveled that good of a situation to fall into when you are locked into a story mission. You can potentially lose a LOT of time from lack of damage if you are trapped by enemies, and even more so if you faint w/o Reviver Seeds. You can always stock up on them, but...


What's the server name of the PSMD discord?


Sorry I poofed, I've been pretty busy (and also haven't really been considering speedrunning, considering that I don't really have the funds for streaming equipment).

I never thought about mission avoidance before, but now I gotta try it! That's an awesome find!