[Obsolete] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon any% w/ WMs route

By KobralKobral. Last updated

-----Any% with Wondermails-----

WR video: youtube.com/watch?v=exHMOc4jTlI

Emeras/Wm codes: http://www.speedrun.com/psmd/guide/z8sai




- Riolu is perhaps not the best choice in general due to his limited movepool (Force Palm the only good move).
However, in the main story he's the best Sworddancer and can outperform every other starter with ease. He starts
with a really good moveset since with WMs you can get Shadow Claw and Low right after Chapter 2.
In addition he can learn Force Palm, which is probably the best
move Riolu can learn during the main story. It not only does a decent amount of damage, it has the chance para
every enemy (also Bosses and Dark Matter) as well,
which can be useful if you're being lucky. Therefore I consider him the best choice for Any% w/ WMs.

- Chespin is the most broken starter in general. With Twinneedle and Rollout he already starts with the best moves
that will serve him very well as partner throughout the entire game.


Chespin is broken with the right emeras, so that should be taken into consideration:

- Power Boost Y and X at the same time boosts his Power and Accuracy a lot. If you enter a bossfight with that combination and spam Rollout, you literally destroy the enemy.

- Every hit has the chance to cause a status effect, thus Lullaby and Dizzying stare are broken if used with Twinneedle or Rollout. Can help you a lot during bosses, since the chance to cause the status effects are ridiculously high

- Alliance expert is good for Bossfights, as we usually spam alliance. It makes a huge difference when Rollout hits 5 times.

In general

- Thoughness should always be equiped if found, it saves a Reviver Seed and maybe your Swordsdance boosts which is never bad
- Power Boost X does fit very well on Riolu. However, if there's a boss approachin you want to find Y and X for Chespin, so keep it in the bag until the very end
- Guard Boost reduces the damage heavily, that is always useful for surviving, and broken when facing Dark Matter
- Barrage is probably the most broken emera as it allows you to attack twice with every single move (even Swordsdance)
- Clutch Performer may be rare, but perhaps useful if lucky. It makes it easier to dodge attacks in a pinch (translation: You won't get hit ever if HP bar is red)
- Payback Emeras are insane if you get that during a bossfight.


That are all codes I'm using in my speedrun:

- Low-Sweep
- Swordsdance 2x
- Shadow Claw

- Reviver Seeds x5 (x5=25)
- Oran Berry x20
- Max Elixier x20
- Life Seed x2 (x2=4)
- Sitrus Berry x2 (x2=4)

- Guiding Wands x20 (x2=40)
- Confuse Wands x20 (for boss battles if necessary)
- Petrify Wands x20 (x2=40)



Low Sweep over Bite
Swordsdance over Quick Attack
Shadow Claw over Vacuum Wave

Lvl 11 Feint over Foresight
Lvl 15 Force Palm over Low Sweep


Swordsdance over Defense Curl

Lvl 8 Rollout over Tackle


- You always want to give up in a dungeon when you have to do a dungeon, in order to progress the story very quickly. Only the first once is forced.
(Don't forget to put all your stuff into the chest with L+R!!!!)

- Use Swordsdance in every possiblity. It is really good to boost your attack when the enemy is approaching. That way, your damage will always be notable despite the fact you're entirely underleved. (I've beaten the Testrun with lvl19)

- Alliance attacks are useful in boss battles. That way you can force the entire party to unleash all your power to one enemy or if you want your partner to use Swordsdance. You also don't have to deal with stupid partner AI.

- Always set your team tactic to "Follow Me". This game likes it to change it back to default, so make sure to keep an eye an that

- You'll never need to visit a Kecleon Shop, so don't waste your time

----Chapter 1: Those who live on this planet and those who have come to this planet----


- Go to the settings and set your speed to "fast" and disable auto heal


----Chapter 2: Meeting Partner----

- Save and quit to enter your WM codes


- Low Sweep over Bite
Swordsdance over Quick Attack
Shadow Claw over Vacuum Wave

----Chapter 3: On a Large Hill where a Large Tree Stands----

DRILLBUR MINE F8 (Checkpoint F5)

- Swordsdance over Defense Curl (Chespin)

Boss: Gabite (165HP)

- Blast Seed and Pin Missile already should kill him, if not, do another Shadow Claw to finish him off.

----Chapter 4: Field Trip----



----Chapter 5: Harmony Scarves----

NECTAR MEADOW F10 (F5 Checkpoint)

Boss: Combee x3 (70HP); Beedrill x2 (125HP)

- Allianz Attack 2x on right combee: Swordsdance and Rollout

- Shadow Claw and Rollout on the rest

----Chapter 6: A Jr. Expedition Society Member is Born----

POLIWRATH RIVER F10 (F6 Checkpoint)

- Razor Wind Heliolisk, better have Petrify Wands to aviod stupid deaths

Boss: Poliwrath x3 (80HP) and Poliwag (55HP)

- Swordsdance x2, Twinnedle on Poliwag until it dies.
- Shadow Claw and Twinneedle Alliance spam
- If someone uses Protect, you can use feint to remove the shield


- The Poliwraths have Bulk Up, so Chespin may be in trouble if that comes as he won't do any damage
- Emeras like Lullaby on Chespin will help you a lot here, making up Chespin's inaccurate and low damage output
- Make sure that Riolu doesn't die with his Att boost
- It is not wrong to bring a few Blast Seeds to 0HKO the Poliwraths. (You can waste your Blast Seeds here)

Mission Time:

- Save Syvleon (Forebond Forest)
- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up

----Chapter 7: Summer Vacation----

- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up

----Chapter 8:Prove your Mettle----

- Sneak out of the Window

Note: You have access to the chest during the team select.

- Take Looplets, Apples, Elixiers, Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds and Wands for fighting.
- Select Espurr as third member
- Select "Follow Me" as Team Tactic

ANCIENT BARROW F12 (F8 Checkpoint) (F8 Break, F12 Boss)

Boss: Giratina (250), Litwick x4 (60HP)

Note: You'll have to deal with Burn here. So you may have to count with halfed damage for Chespin.
You may also have to use Feint if Litwicks want to Protect themselves

- Litwick Alliance Attack [Swordsdance; Rollout; Psybeam]
- You should be able to 0HKO the Litwicks without your Shadow Claw, unless Chespin gets bad Rollout RNG or burned. So you'll deal heavy damage on Giratina later
- If not, use Swordsdance once and kill them with Shadow Claw as well. You always can use a Blast Seed for Giratina if you still have some spare ones.

- Giratina Alliance Attack [Shadow Claw; Rollout, Psybeam]

----Chapter 9: The village's sacred spot----

Choose a Partner:

Pancham: Geo Pebble x10
Goomy: Slow Wand x5
Shelmet: Silve Spike x5
Deerling: Whirlwind Wand x5
Espurr: Silver Spike x5

(You probably never end up using any of the rewards. So the choice doesn't matter)

- Give Up
- Give Up

Standard inventory:

- Looplets
- Apples
- Max Elixiers
- Oran Berries
- Reviver Seeds
- Petrify Wands


---chapter 10: A Journey begins----


- Give Up

Next day:

Talk to everyone in the plaza:

- Kecleon
- Goomy
- Deerling
- Hawlucha
- Farfetchd
- Pancham
- Shelmet
- Lombre
- Raticate
- Magnezone


- Give Up

Next night:

- Sneak out of the window, go to the hill

- Leave the village

----Chapter 11: Over the mountains----

Standard inventory:

- Looplets
- Apples
- Max Elixiers (!)
- Oran Berries
- Reviver Seeds
- Petrify Wands



- Spite Shuppet, make sure to bring enough Elixiers
- Fury Attack Tauros and Bonemerang Marowak are be able to 0HKO

- Put all your items in the chest before you enter the Expedition Society, and die to Jirachi

----Chapter 12: Life at the Expedition Society----


- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up

----Chapter 13: Across the Sea----

Standard inventory:

- Looplets
- Apples
- Max Elixiers
- Oran Berries
- Reviver Seeds
- Petrify Wands

- Talk to Lapras



- Give Up
- Give Up

----Chapter 14: A Fun Outing----

- Talk do Dedenne

Standard inventory:

- Looplets
- Apples
- Max Elixiers
- Oran Berries
- Reviver Seeds
- Petrify Wands


- Give Chespin your best offensive emeras, he must be able to take out Entei as quick as possible
- In the best case you should be able to learn Force Palm here
- Only bring 6 Reviver Seeds as that should suffice to beat the first boss, eat your left ones in first phase entei

Boss: Magmortar (300HP), Magmar x4 (175HP)

- Flame Body and consistant 2HKO's makes this battle really stupid. Once is sure, you don't want to use Swordsdance here at all

Alliance Attack spam (Force Palm, Rollout, Water Gun)

Boss: Entei (300HP/600HP)

Phase 1: Get rid of your remaining Reviver Seeds and die (saves ~30s - 1m) or kill him with Alliance spam
Phase 2: Alliance: [Force Palm + Swordsdance x2/x3] [Force Palm + Rollout]

Note: Entei is going to be super annoying. Since you should have Force Palm right now, it should be possible to para him. It is not very likely, but it saves a nice amount of time if you get it or your life if you used no reviver seeds strats.

Mission Time:

- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up
- Give Up

----Chapter 15: A New Warning----

Standard inventory:

- Looplets
- Apples
- Max Elixiers
- Oran Berries
- Reviver Seeds
- Petrify Wands



- Give Up
- Give Up

Standard inventory:

- Looplets
- Apples
- Max Elixiers
- Oran Berries
- Reviver Seeds
- Petrify Wands
- Guide Wands !!!

----Chapter 16: The sealed Spring----


Note: I recommend to use Guide Wands here. No reason to put more time into this dangerous dungeon.

----Chapter 17: The Voidlands----


- Twinneedle Ferroseed may be able to 0HKO you!

- Spam Guide Wands


----Chapter 18: Hope----

CALM CRAGGY AREA F8 (F5 Checkpoint)

- Pick Mawile

Boss: 4 x Shadow (200HP)

Spam Alliances, nothing much to mention since they die 1hit anyways


Boss: 3x Shadow (225HP), Mega-Gengar x2 (300HP), Mega-Tyranitar (400HP)

- You should be able to use Swordsdance twice before MTyranitar comes to your range. Kill Tyranitar with Alliance spam [Force Palm, Twinneedle, Play rough] and finish off the rest with the same tactic if the dogs didn't do their job well

----Chapter 19: This Planet is Already...----

Boss: Beheeyem (175HP)

- 3x Swordsdance Shadow Claw and Blast Seeds + 1 other attack kills him
- You get are on a 0HKO range if he hits you, so that fight could take longer if you lose your boost

----Chapter 20: The Prehistoric Ruins to the East----


- Most Pokémon here can use ranged water moves
- Beheeyem deals an amazing amount of damage with Psybeam, but he also dies after 2 hits
- Spam Guide Wands


- Spam Guide Wands

----Chapter 21: Dark Matter----

PRIMEVAL FOREST F10 (F6 Checkpoint)

Boss: Yvetall (600HP), Nuzleaf(325HP), Beheeyem 2x (175HP)

- First, if you have a Ban Seed, you already have won this fight. Ban his Oblivion Wing and there's nothing left that's be able to kill you
- Swordsdance strats are not needed, you already do a crazy amount of damage that is absolutely fine. You can carry a few Reviver Seeds and you should not have any worries

----Chapter 22 - Battle in the Stratosphere----


TREE Of LIFE - TRUNKS F8 (F4 Checkpoint)

Boss: Dark Matter #1 (1250HP)

- Alliance 2x/3x [Swordsdance; Swordsdance] and spam [Force Palm; Twinneedle/Rollout]

Boss: Dark Matter #2 (400HP/400HP/400HP/300HP)

- Either boost Riolu's or Chespin's attack with 3 Swordsdances. You'll not be able to heal both with Oran Berries, one member must abuse Reviver Seeds.
- Alliance Spam [Force Palm; Twinneedle/Rollout]

----The Final Chapter: An End to Beginnings---

- Go to the Hills

- Timing ends when screen fades black before the credits