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"Project: Fundrising 2" is an online speedrun marathon, starting at January 26th 2018, for people in need who are struggling financially, have lost their jobs, lost their home, don't have the money for a time-out in their lives.

We don't have a charity. We are the charity.

On PJFR 2 we're raising money for ImSasaki, a long-time friend of ours and regular in several speedrun streams, who is struggling financially to pay himself medicine, as he lives in Japan.

He studies at university full-time and works part-time to help his family and himself for financial stability. However, it's not enough for the while being right now to buy medicine that last long enough as he has strong allergies that hinder him from studying and even working. In order to prevent Sasaki from withdrawing to eat food for several days every week to even maintain buying the medicine, we wanna raise money for him.

100% of the money raised goes DIRECTLY to ImSasaki.



• The charity event is PG-13 so try to prevent swearing or inappropriate content
Have fun! We all want to have fun as much as possible
• You can to submit up to 3 times in total (length doesn't matter much)
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