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Original discord announcement from 7eraser7:


This is the moment everyone was waiting for: the PoPRuns 4 announcement!
This year will be special since it'll be hybrid (so a mixture of "at my place" and "online") so don't worry if you can't come, you'll still be able to participate!
The marathon will take place from November 15th to November 17th, probably with a break during the night for europeans. 🇪🇺

If you want to plan a trip to my place, look up how to go to Champigny-Sur-Marne or just Paris will be enough (a 1h trip with public transport).
Around 4 people can sleep at my place without bringing anything (I have two couches that can become a 2 person-bed). If there is already more than 4 people who registered for on-site but you want to attend and sleep at my place as well you can just bring an air mattress.
If there are more than 5/6 people coming, I think we need to look into nearby hostels or Airbnbs as otherwise it'll probably be too crowded. Worst case scenario we can just make toca sleep in my car but you know, it's not the best.
If you want to (or consider) attending on-site but you're not sure whether you can, please send me a pm so I can keep a list and start planning. There will be a channel just for people coming irl (#popruns4-irl).

For the submissions, we will be using a new platform named It's still a beta but it's pretty stable---if you encounter any bug you can just tell me and I can contact the developer directly. Your submissions will be limited to 5 games and 3 categories per game. If you need more just talk to someone from the orga crew and we will see if there is a need to adjust it. You can connect to the submission website to your discord account which will be easier for us to find you and what you submitted.

Submissions will be live from September 19th (so right now) to September 30th 23:59:59/11:59pm CEST.
A schedule should be posted at latest on Sunday 6th October.
Link to the submissions: https:/​/​oengus.​io/​marathon/​PoPRuns4 "

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