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PoPRuns 2: Is this Sub Uyama?

PoPRuns is an online speedrunning marathon for the sole purpose of having fun. It's a marathon dedicated to Prince of Persia speedrunning and it's back for his second edition! More runners, more BSOD, more "Prince please" and more of Farah ruining runs just for you!
The name "Is this Sub Uyama?" is a tribute to Mike Uyama. He held the Sands of Time WR for many years with a time of 1:40:29. Now it's common to ask if a run is sub Uyama because his time was the reference for a long time.

Marathon dates: 27th October 2017 to 29th October 2017
Submissions runs from 13th September 2017 to 8th October 2017. (over already)
A first draft of the schedule will be release on October 15th 2017.
Submission form: Closed.
Schedule: On and horaro.

Where to find us]
Discord: [ Link

Twitch: Link
Youtube: Link

If you have any questions or just want to hang out, join us on Discord. (post originally by 7eraser7)

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