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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Thread: I have a question about all castles

Started by: Andrewwayne12.Andrewwayne12.

Yes. The reason 1-Secret was used for such a long time was we made a mistake thinking that 2-Secret required a mini-Mushroom. It doesn't. I'm not sure if anyone's done a run since we corrected that mistake, but Mchan's timings have checked out.

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Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: Back-Up level Question

Started by: pretends2knowpretends2know

Hi, I'm thinking of taking on this game as a future speedrun. I've been watching a few runs, and I noticed that some levels are held back as safeties because cat suits get lost.

I just want to make sure I get a list of the back-up levels for something like 380 stars.

Here's the ones that I do know of from what I've seen:

What other levels should be on the list?


Forum: Donkey Kong Country

Thread: All Winky's Speedrun

Started by: SwaagdudeSwaagdude

You need to beat all the levels that have Winky in it from a new game file, and you must be riding Winky as you exit.


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. U

Thread: Acornless%

Started by: DaniëlHarteveldDaniëlHarteveld

Quick work of advice: the Nabbit Players in NSMBUDX found that without an acorn, it's faster to go through 8-4 than 8-2 & 8-3 when you can't fly over those levels.


Forum: New Super Luigi U

Thread: IL Rule Change?

Started by: Mchan338Mchan338

To be fair, you can beat them first if/when the rule's change goes into effect.


Forum: New Super Luigi U

Thread: IL Rule Change?

Started by: Mchan338Mchan338

Considering that there's no restrictions on New Super Luigi U IL board in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, I think the change is a great idea.


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Thread: WWSD Barrier Skip found?

Started by: GnarsloggeGnarslogge

So now that Gymnast86 has demonstrated that Any% Barrier Skip is both possible and faster, is there going to be an All Dungeons category eventually made, or is Any% - No Actor Unloading going to fill that void?

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Thread: 100%

Started by: domthebombdomthebomb

What glitches are allowed. If you do a bug limit run, you can't use any major glitches. In a normal 100% run, there's no limit on the glitches.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. U

Thread: Star%

Started by: ShyRuleShyRule

Mchan, it's any one level from Star Road, not 9-1. In all likelihood, it'd probably be Any% that does all of World 8, then 9-8 because World 8 has the fewest levels.


Forum: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Thread: 100%?

Started by: pretends2knowpretends2know

I just watch pidgezero_one's 100% run on RPG Limit Break's YouTube. Is there a category for that somewhere on SRC or is tracked somewhere else independently?


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Thread: No Secret Exits

Started by: OneAngryBrazilianOneAngryBrazilian

The category you describe would softlock in Soda Jungle because the only way to advance out of Soda Jungle is either pull the Red Flag in 5-2, 5-4, or 5-5 to get to Iggy's Castle or pull the red flag in the Soda Jungle Ghost House to get to the Secret Level that shortcuts to Meringue Clouds. All the black flags in the levels I just listed above would eventually lead to a dead end.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Thread: Milliseconds

Started by: FroZen_WaTer_99FroZen_WaTer_99

The Level Leaderboard is timed using the in game timer, not a real time attack. If the in game timer had milliseconds, we'd use them.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. U

Thread: I created a smbudx discord

Started by: biggant1biggant1

Does anyone have a link to the current discord? I'm interested in joining but cannot find an invite.


Forum: Marvel's Spider-Man

Thread: 100% Definition?

Started by: bystandertimbystandertim

There's a percent meter on the game file select screen. 100% should be getting that meter to 100%.

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Forum: Marvel's Spider-Man

Thread: Regarding pre-order content

Started by: ShtrudelShtrudel

The problem with deleting the preorder content from what I've heard is that it's hard and in some cases impossible, especially if the game was pre-ordered digitally. Second, do we really want to just outright punish speedrunners for pre-ordering extra goodies? I don't think nothing should be done, but making them delete something that's already difficult to get rid of and that they likely wanted in the first place (for whatever reason) seems like too much for me.

I personally second the idea of splitting pre-order and non-preorder into subcategories.

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Forum: Marvel's Spider-Man

Thread: Idea for a new category

Started by: TheMitchster300TheMitchster300

I like these ideas, but I learned from another game is that the fastest way to get a category created is to run it, then ask for the moderators to add it to the leaderboard.

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Forum: Final Fantasy XV

Thread: All quests% specifications

Started by: BunkahiBunkahi

Thanks for the info @Etrostormborn12. My solution has from the get go to be to jam the controller and go to bed, but there's worse things I've seen speed runners stoop to pull something off. But your info does give me something to work with. If you salvage something from your routing, we can figure out a way to communicate regularly in that case.


Forum: Final Fantasy XV

Thread: All quests% specifications

Started by: BunkahiBunkahi

@Etrostormborn12 I'd be interested in that route. We can talk on Discord though because that'd be too much of a tangent for this particular thread.


Forum: Final Fantasy XV

Thread: All quests% specifications

Started by: BunkahiBunkahi

All means all.


Forum: Breath of The Wild Category Extensions

Thread: Category Request Thread

Started by: rekyuurekyuu

I'd like to request that Level 4 Climbing Gear RTA be added as a subcategory to Max Tunic, and then the entire category be renamed "Level 4 Armor Sets RTA" Rules for Climbing Set's start and stop time are the same as the Max Champion's Tunic.

Here's the run.