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MatthiaGryffineMatthiaGryffine Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Solo Hard Trials Exhibition (8 levels) 0:40:00 PS4 USA Link It would be fascinating to see the various Espers/Aeons/etc. presented in their full detail in a black and white setting. Donation goal: Can offer to do a 9th Trial, the Chrysalis to add to the 8 featured in this submission (will add 5 minutes) Available after 8pm on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.
PeterAfroPeterAfro Super Smash Flash 2 Beta - Classic Mode 0:10:00 PC USA Link Real kino speedrunners only play fan games in EST Fri: 3:30PM -9PM. Sat and Sun: 9AM-9PM
Jak8Jak8 Cars: Mater-National Required Events (Modded) 1:25:00 PC USA Link Cars: Mater-National has had a community grow behind modding it ever since 2015. In my opinion, it's for a good reason. The game is certainly very fun if you take the time to realize it. Required Events is basically the game's Any %. I'm sure that this game would look interesting with a black and white aesthetic to it. (There is licensed music in the video, but I won't have any licensed music play during the actual run if this game is accepted) Filename bidwar Friday from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM CST and Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM CST.
TwoWorldsTwoWorlds Enter The Matrix NTSC-J Console 1:30:00 Xbox KOR Link The retro feel of this game is a perfect pairing with the theme of this marathon All, i'll schedule the time off work
typwotypwo Marble Madness (NES) Any% 0:05:00 NES USA Link A classic game for a classic console. Seems to fit well with the theme. Morning EST (around 8 AM to 11 AM) and Evening EST (4 PM to 11 PM) on Saturday or Sunday.
lurklurk The Oregon Trail (DOS) 1.2 any% w/ sound 0:30:00 MS-DOS USA Link it'll be fun name of my companion, for any amount of donation whole event
LeftSideWorldwideLeftSideWorldwide Stacking Cutscene% 1:40:00 PC USA Link It's ya boiiiii. It's any% except I don't skip cutscenes. Also this game is really old-timey and should look pretty gucci in black and white. Maybe. We'll see. Also cutscenes voiced by yours truly will be hilarious. Lost Hobo King DLC (+5 minutes), short little story after the main run. Saturday and Sunday, STRONGLY prefer 5PM or later Pacific time.
XYXXYX Mr.Maze Any% 2:25:00 PC USA Link This game is legendary funny xD Anytime
KitokoKitoko Puyo Puyo Tetris Any% 1:30:00 PC USA Link A puzzle game with various goals to complete. It's story mode is somewhat fascinating, with intricate dialogue, "plot", and things to talk about- ah screw it, the campaign is so, so easy. LET'S DEMOLISH IT. Watch the legendary 4-7 cutscene. Noon to 12 any time, EST
DaleDukkDaleDukk NieR Any% (A) 3:35:00 X360 USA Link Pretty cool game that isn't very well known compared to its sequel, NieR: Automata. Gestalt vs Replicant: There's a Japanese version of the game that plays almost exactly the same, but with a different main character. Fans of the series may have a preference so it would be an interesting bid war. World of the Recycled Vessel: DLC Missions (30 minute estimate) Any time Friday or Saturday, preferably evenings.
DaleDukkDaleDukk Drakengard 3 [A] 3:15:00 PS3 USA Link Drakengard is an overlooked series with an amazing story and world. This game in particular is notoriously buggy, which leads to a lot of Epic Gamer Moments™ The Final Song: The final boss of the true ending is known for being incredibly dumb. I'll attempt it for around 25-30 minutes, and chat can watch me suffer. This would also look really cool with the marathon theme. I can give you a video of it if you'd like. Friday or Saturday, preferably evenings.
RaikouRiderRaikouRider Earthbound Any% Glitchless 5:15:00 SNES USA Link I have run this for NASA 2016. Earthbound's cartoony art style and trippy combat backgrounds lend itself to a monochrome output. One of the most execution-heavy turn-based RPG speedruns out there. This run will NOT use RNG manipulation for Onett. Names - Ness (5), Paula (5), Jeff (5), Poo (5), King (6), Favorite thing (used in PSI Power) (6), player name (24) All Photos (Adds 25 minutes) Friday: 5p-11p CST Saturday: 5p-1a CST Sunday: 9a-11p CST
RaikouRiderRaikouRider The Legend of Zelda Any% No Up+A 0:45:00 WiiVC USA Link An old-school favorite. I have run the randomizer for several NASA events in the past and would like to play the vanilla game for a change. This run will use the Blue Ring Route. Change category to 100% No Up+A (Adds 15 minutes) Friday: 5p-11p CST Saturday: 5p-1a CST Sunday: 9a-11p CST
JabroJabro Jet Set Radio Future Any% 2:00:00 Xbox JPN Link Entertaining run due to epic music, awesome routes and interesting skips. Combo% (play as the worst character you can unlock early and am unable to do some major skips as a result). Would probably have an estimate of 2:10. Pretty much any time tbh, I'm in EST but my sleep schedule hecked so I'm down for whenever.
JabroJabro Curious George Any% 0:50:00 Xbox USA Link Adorable monkey with superpowers curiously embarks on a journey to the big city. Along the way he makes new friends, executes various speedrunning skips, and even shows off some swag strats. It's a story of love, loss, and Dole Food Company Inc. branded bananas. IGN 10/10. I am in EST with a fairly messed up sleep schedule so I'm available for nearly any time.
PvtCbPvtCb Castlevania: Circle of the Moon All Bosses 0:40:00 GBA JPN Link In CotM, the prequel to Uncharted, Nathan Drake tasked with stopping Dracula's full resurrection. He'll do that 5 minutes into the run by throwing big RNG bones. Coincidentally, "throwing bones" is a dice game term! But let's back up. Normally, we'd have to beat several of his servants before unlocking Dracula's throne room, but because Nathan is a Joker and doesn't play with a Full Deck, he can have access to every card power-up in the game from just a single Pair you get at the start. Talk about a High Roller! Anyways, his job done, Nathan decides to do some sightseeing in Dracula's home. What's gambling without a Full House, after all? Along the way, he'll fight Jealous Rival Hewie and the literal manifestation of Death. I should be free every day after 8 PM at latest but my schedule is very hard to predict with my job
PvtCbPvtCb System Shock Default Difficulty Source Port 0:15:00 PC USA Link I'm a goddamned hacker on JSRF roller skates with gibbon-length arms swinging a pipe of death fueled by tablets of LSD. I also have three ways to clip out of bounds and am generally unstoppable. Same
SquakySquaky DiRT Rally 2.0 New Zeland, Group B (4WD) 1:25:00 PC USA Link Rallying is cool as heck, if you are unsure on what it is then a quick YouTube search will fill you in. Group B was a classification of cars in the 80's at the height of the sport's popularity. These cars were essentially a metal shell with ludicrous amounts of turbo-charged power (400-800hp) and next to no weight. The challenge being that you must navigate these bricks that have insane amounts of acceleration through windy dirt roads. The vintage era of the vehicles I think will fit the marathon's theme as well no donation goals, but a bidwar on what car to use would work Monday to Friday, any time between 10am and noon EST. Weekends from 10am to 11pm.
RaikouRiderRaikouRider The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 100% No Major Glitches 2:20:00 SNES JPN Link Could be part of a Zelda block? Fight Agahnim with the Bug Net File Name (3 x 4 characters) Friday: 5p-11p CST Saturday: 5p-1a CST Sunday: 9a-11p CST
FFRPro21FFRPro21 Tetris Attack (Game Boy) 0:09:00 SGB2 USA Link Pixelated vomit. The game boy version of the game where Bumpty was kicked out of this version. March 15th - Anytime after 7PM Eastern March 16th and 17th - Anytime
FFRPro21FFRPro21 Tetris (Game Boy) 100 Lines, Level 0 Start 0:07:00 SGB2 USA Link More pixelated vomit. The classic puzzle game on the good ol' Game Boy. March 15th - Anytime after 7PM Eastern March 16th and 17th - Anytime
FFRPro21FFRPro21 Kirby's Star Stacker Round Clear (Super Hard) 0:32:00 SGB2 USA Link Even more pixelated vomit. One of Kirby's puzzle games. March 15th - Anytime after 7PM Eastern March 16th and 17th - Anytime
BregermannBregermann Jersey Devil 100% 2:30:00 PS3 USA Link PS1 halloween themed platformer with an incredible soundtrack and ambience! Friday 6pm est to ~2am Friday night Saturday 10am to ~2am Sunday 10am to ~3pm est
4thdslip4thdslip Furi Any% 0:45:00 PS4 USA Link This game is really beautiful and in black and white it would add so much more to it. I am excited to show it off. 9pm-12am CST on 14th, if 15th 9pm-3am.
RaikouRiderRaikouRider Super Metroid/A Link to the Past Combo Randomizer ALTTP No Glitches/SM Normal Logic 4:00:00 WiiVC USA Link Because this randomizer is absolute madness and absolute MAGIC. Save/kill the animals Friday: 5p-11p CST Saturday: 5p-1a CST Sunday: 9a-11p CST
quoquo Pokémon Snap 250k Points 0:40:00 N64 JPN Link it's a pretty cool game and I'm good at it filename (5 characters) picture of pika riding articuno (add 2 mins to estimate) friday 11pm-2am, saturday 11pm-2am
shadowehshadoweh Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue 0:38:00 N64 USA Link This is actually one of the few fun Disney/Pixar titles that is a 3D platformer with lots of precise movements and platforming, it's a lot of fun to play and run. I believe I've run this with peterafro during the last Pre-NASA as well. 8AM-10PM any day of the marathon.
shadowehshadoweh Tetris Attack VS. 0:13:00 SNES USA Link A lot of Puzzle League games have been represented at NASA already, why not continue the trend? Also I'm not sure if anyone else is submitting this but I'd be happy if this were a race. Choose character for Cave of Wickedness. Options are: Yoshi, Lakitu, Bumpty, Poochy, Wiggler, Froggy, Blargg, Lunge Fish and Raphael. 8AM-10PM EST any day of the marathon
MASHMASH Protect Me Knight Normal 0:30:00 X360 USA Link PMK is a game where you protect your princess from evil monsters and get rewarded with love and level up between stages just to end the game with a rock show. It's a Short but Fun little game even better with coop. Difficulty Selection between EASY, NORMAL or HARD. ( 25,30,35 minutes respectfully as estimates ) Character Selection between Fighter, Amazon, Mage and Ninja. Friday & Saturday 4 am till 8am, Sunday 4 am to whenever.
shadowehshadoweh Wild Arms 4 Any% 6:10:00 PS2 USA Link This is a hidden gem of a JRPG released in the Americas in the mid 2000s. Not a lot of people enjoyed it but I did and I'm hoping to show case the mechanics of the game. It's a fairly straightforward JRPG, not a whole lot of tricks/glitches if any. Also the submission video is not my actual PB I just thought it was a good video to submit for marathons. 8AM-10PM EST any day of the marathon.
shadowehshadoweh Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD Aqua 1:50:00 PS3 USA Link Everyone loves Kingdom Hearts right? This is one of my favorites of the franchise despite being a spin off. This will be Aqua Beginner Any%. In this game you can combine abilities together to form more powerful abilities with skills attached that you can permanently learn if you max out the levels of your moves. 8AM-10PM EST any day of the marathon.
MASHMASH Streets of Rage Blaze | Easy 0:30:00 XboxOne USA Link Classic Arcade Auto-scroller, Become the Beast within, Will we save our love from the evil Sorcerer? Incentive for Character Selection between Blaze , Adam and Axel Friday & Saturday 4 am till 8am, Sunday 4 am to whenever.
RoseWaterRoseWater The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time GSR 1:26:00 N64 JPN Link Despite being one of the most popular categories of Ocarina of Time, No IM/WW is very rarely featured in marathons. No IM/WW is where you beat the game without doing item manipulation or wrong warping. Even without these tricks, it is loaded with glitches and strats in classic Ocarina of Time style. It is essentially a legacy any% route however, to this day it is still evolving with new tricks and routes. The run is very marathon friendly compared to most Ocarina of Time categories having many backups and save strats. The black and white theme of the event fits this game well as it is one of the first 3d open world games. It will be very nostalgic to see this 20 year old game in black and white. File name A-Z a-z 0-9 period (.), dash (-) and space. Various Japanese characters too (shown in linked video). 8 characters long Fri 15th 1pm CST - 11:59 pm CST (19:00 - 6:00 UTC) flexible Sat 16th 10am CST - 11:59 pm CST (16:00 - 6:00 UTC) flexible Sun 17th 10am CST - 11:59 pm CST (16:00 - 6:00 UTC) flexible
CapridogCapridog Crash Twinsanity All Levels 1:30:00 PS2 USA Link Crash Twinsanity All Levels showcases all of the levels in the game but in really fast mode. We will be using a lot of shortcuts and glitches to skip certain sections of the levels, it should be a really fun run to show at a marathon. I should be free at all times.
CapridogCapridog Timothy and Titus Any% 0:45:00 PC USA Link Timothy and Titus Any% No Save Loading is a christian 3D platformer based on events from the bible. This speedrun is extremely broken, It will use a lot of OoB glitches and tons of tight jumps to make this run extremely fast. A lot can go wrong during this wrong so that's why I put a higher estimate. This is the non-save loading category which basically doesn't use the walk through walls glitch. More details on the glitch on the speedrun board. I should be available at all times.
CapridogCapridog Toy Story 3: The Video Game Story Mode Any% 0:40:00 PC Link Toy Story 3 Story Mode Any% is a very broken and short speedrun that takes place during the events of Toy Story 3 the movie. This run has a bunch of glitches and tricks, along with the famous glitch called "infinite walljumping" which allows us to climb up walls to skip a bunch of areas. With all of this it should make for a really fun run :) All times I believe.
CountGoobyCountGooby Sonic R Any% (No OoB) 0:15:00 GCN USA Link Can you feel the sunshine? Sing the in-game songs 8am-11pm CST
EnasperEnasper Proxy Blade Zero Easy 0:25:00 PC USA Link This game might be too futuristic for this marathon but I'm submitting it anyways. All of April 25, 27 and 28 (Thu, Sat, Sun) [Excludes Friday, April 26]
PaskyPasky Cadash Any% All Bosses (Ninja) 0:30:00 Arcade USA Link :) Friday/Saturday/Sunday 5:00PM-9:00PM CST
Electra13x7777Electra13x7777 Metal slug 5 Medium 0:30:00 Arcade USA Link Metal Slug 5 is a fantastic game for speedkino because it has cool movement, an OST that slaps, and pretty visuals. which character I play as: Marco Eri Tarma Fio Friday, 3/15: 6PM - 2AM Saturday, 3/16: 1PM - 2AM Sunday, 3/17: 1PM - End
Electra13x7777Electra13x7777 Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City NG+ 1:00:00 DS USA Link EO3 would look aesthetic as heck in monochrome. Also the OST is by yuzo koshiro and he is a beast Ending Armoroad Ending PB: 1:00:26 Deep City Ending PB: 1:08:04 Deep One (True Ending) PB: 1:07:40 See my metal slug 5 submission
PeterAfroPeterAfro Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue Any% 0:35:00 N64 USA Link Remember when I failed hard in this game against shadow, not going to happen this time in est fri: 3PM-9PM sat and sun 9AM-9PM
EnasperEnasper Metal Slug 3 Medium [Level-4] 0:35:00 Arcade USA Link An old fashion run n' gun. Using a black & white filter puts the thrilling action and explosions to the vibrant imagination. All of April 25, 27 and 28 (Thu, Sat, Sun) [Excludes Friday, April 26]
LazerlongLazerlong Firefighter F.D 18 Any% 1:35:00 PS2 USA Link comfy putting out fires and some cheese Cutscene incentive. Anytime is fine.