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Dear mods,

Today I saw in my notifications that SimpelSudamericano had tied with my Pou high score cliff dash world record of 3825. I decided to look at it and when I clicked on the link to his video I saw that he had stolen my run. The blue Pou skin, the blue color of the skateboard, the amount of coins that were collected, Pou's hunger, energy, fun and health bars, his total amount of coins, the moment he died, his level, which is 20, and the obstacle spawns were exactly the same as in my run. And for some reason this run was verified. Could you please take a look at it?


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Players can get banned for faking runs😳
Can you please post the links to the 2 runs so the mods know which ones you're talking about?

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no pasa nada yo le hago el trabajo a el pana holandes :v :
Faked run: https://www.speedrun.com/pou/run/zq0qkd5y
Original Run: https://www.speedrun.com/pou/run/y9lv1w2y
Also the faked run have the same link video LOL

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Thanks Trexis for putting in links to my and SimpelSudamericano's 'run'. I hadn't seen Yummy_Bacon5's message yet.

  [user deleted]

Fixed, the run has been removed.

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