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Forum: Counterspy

Thread: Tutorial

Started by: potatoboiipotatoboii

Could the tutorial stage be added as a run?


Forum: LittleBigPlanet Category Extensions

Thread: Feel free to suggest extensions here.

Started by: KrossoKrosso

For all games you could add IW's (individual worlds).
Timing would begin at the start of the first level and end at the end of the last one.
This'd be helpful for practising specific parts of one game, and unlike IL's you can incorporate any strats on the world map.

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Forum: Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition Category Extensions

Thread: New Catagory Idea

Started by: 3000ink3000ink

Its still horrifically easy , you'll just want to spawn infront of a dead bush , nothing interesting about that.


Forum: Minecraft Legacy CE: Mash-Up Worlds

Thread: Two Players

Started by: potatoboiipotatoboii

Can there be a co-op category for 2-8 players where the recording player has to have all 12 music discs?


Forum: Among Us

Thread: WTF?

Started by: reda84reda84

You're not the only one like that , I suggested among us back in febuary but it was rejected , despit working the same as it does here


Forum: LittleBigPlanet 3

Thread: We Need Category Extentions!!!

Started by: potatoboiipotatoboii

Ok so I want to speedrun LBP3 , but I'm bad at the main game , so I think It'd be cool if there were category extentions , an idea I have for one is one where you have to shine the iluminator in nana pud's eyes... I ave a morbid sense of humor.

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Forum: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Thread: Category idea

Started by: potatoboiipotatoboii

What if you had a mode where you couldn't use BowserJr at all , you have to set him to not help , and you can't use the gyro controls , with the pointer