Just a reminder (since almost no one seems to pay attention to this), please follow these guidelines when submitting a request

Since a few ideas have been posted recently that only change the end portion of the run and suggested starting at this end portion, I've also added a line about this to the request guidelines.



This is pretty much to bring a companion cube to the end of the game. Like Cup%, but with the companion cube from chamber 17. A guide on how to do this can be found here:

It's hard, but I think it would be nice.


ent_remove cat extension request:
Rules: Beat the game with the use of a key bound to "ent_remove". This category is based off of No SLA, so the rules from that category also apply.

The usage of the ent_remove command allows for a number of new routes that couldn't be possible on most other categories.


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this is a fun cat pls add it


Added ent_remove No SLA


I'm not sure if it's interesting enough, but what about ABH Glitchless? The rules are simple. Normal glitchless rules apply, but accelerated hopping is allowed.


(In response to both of these requests)
Almost all of the chambers would turn out to just be the No SLA routes. The ones that aren't are pretty much just the Glitchless routes except they use ABH, which barely makes a difference.

Also once again a reminder (since almost no one seems to pay attention to this), please follow these guidelines when submitting a request


Myself and my friend, Phantom, came up with a new category extension idea called "Inbounds Moon% (Least Portals)".

Rules: No Out of Bounds, Save glitches are allowed. "sv_gravity 25"
Scoring: First base it off of least portals, if the portal amount is the same, then default to time.

Completed Run:

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Thanks for the request, but this won't be added for the following reasons:

1. As far as I'm aware doesn't support that kind of leaderboard with a seperate score in addition to time. So the only way to implement this would be to require the absolute minimum amount of portals, which is 0. However that's stupidly hard (so the challenge is completing it at all rather than fast, so a leaderboard for this wouldn't make too much sense).
2. sv_gravity 25 is pretty arbitrary.

(edited: )

I request a category for "touch controls only." Which as far as I know, can only be achieved on the unofficial Android version of the Source engine, created by nillerusr (unless Steam Link added touch controls). If necessary, I would like to see this version supported by a full board in one form or another, but my main focus for now is on creating the touch controls category.

Playing with touch controls adds some extreme difficulty to even the most basic tasks. That's why I think it makes a good new category.

Suggested rules:
1) See Inbounds (but good luck with most tricks!)
2) Use only touch controls, no gamepads or mouse and keyboard.

Here's my submission for the category (~1:05:??):

VerociousVee has also expressed interest in this category, but has not yet run it.

I might make a guide for installing the Android version soon, but the launcher can be downloaded from nillerusr's Discord server, in the #autobuilds channel, support can be had there too. (Important note: You may need a very new device to run it, considering it's probably based on the Nvidia Shield port, which runs on ARM64)

Suggestions for running:
Use LetsView to stream to your PC, as a proxy to your favorite streaming software. (Make sure your audio settings are correct before starting.)
Enable "Show taps" (or similar) in your Android settings as a form of input viewer. (usually within the developer settings menu)
Charge your phone and go to the bathroom before starting. (do as I say, not as I do.)

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+Duck, No SLA
This category uses the same rules as Inbounds No SLA. The command +duck is used to ensure that the player is crouched the entire time. Triggers that cause you to uncrouch, such as the one in the tube in 19, are not allowed. If you become uncrouched at any point (from pausing or hitting a trigger that causes you uncrouch), you must reload a save from before you uncrouched.

A few routes are similar to glitchless/nosla but this opens the opportunity to other creative strats with item preserve, item climbing, and general movement.


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+duck jumpless, nosla
same rules as inbounds nosla, except +duck is used to force crouch and you cannot use +jump. requires creative portal placement, portal peeks, prop usage, and gravity to make it to the end.
(must skip any unduck triggers)
(^this took longer than it shouldve)


Touch Controls Only / Android will not be added:
1. This board is mainly intended for official versions of the game, and as you said this seems to be an "unofficial Android port". Though you can still try to talk to the series mods (for Portal 1 stuff that would mainly be Imanex or Shizzal right now) and get it added as its own leaderboard.
2. Since this isn't on PC it doesn't support game time. I'd imagine load times can vary quite a lot depending on the phone used, making this less competitive (which kind of defeats the purpose of having a leaderboard).
3. This strikes me as more of a challenge run, rather than something that people would actually wanna try to go fast in.

Added +duck, No SLA.

+duck Jumpless, No SLA will not be added:
This seems for the most part like Jumpless except you also move really slow (not quite what many people would consider to be fun). The main difference I could see is that you sometimes need to use two props to get up a ledge, where Jumpless would only need one.
Basically, this is too similiar to Jumpless (and +duck), the movement is wholly uninteresting, and slapping +duck and Jumpless together is a little arbitrary.


an isg cat where you do the whole run in isg

(edited: )

Portal Placement never fail:
sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1
the player has a bind(s) to toggle ppnf on and off
two subcatagories are inbounds no SLA and glitchless, as their routes will be unique
This is enjoyable to run and has interesting routing possibilities

My no SLA run (livesplit recorded wrong) 12:48.48 :

Cosine's Glitchless run 17:10.06 :

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Added Portal Placement Never Fail (No SLA and Glitchless).
Specifically for Glitchless I tried to allow everything that results from PPNF, and as far as I can see stuff like 09 Under Door and 16 Door Shot are unaffected. If there's anything wrong with the rules for these let me know.

Also once again a reminder to follow the guidelines for category requests found here, since a lot of people seem to not read these.


"Out of the Blue", based on the achievement of the same name from Portal: Still Alive. You can only enter orange portals.

(edited: )

First off, this would need to be done OoB (since the early chambers are impossible or stupidly hard otherwise). So a lot of the early chambers would be the same as No Pass Through Portals, and most of the later chambers would be similar to regular OoB (Under Elevator still works the same). Even in the maps that would be different, I can't imagine much more of a difference than having to swap portal order if you wanna go back through a portal.

Also once again a reminder to follow the guidelines for category requests found here, since a lot of people seem to not read these.


Comeplete the game as soon as possible using only intended strategies by the game developers you may use ABH AFH ASH and other movement tech other than portal peeks and portals stands. Chamber 14 fling is not allowed.

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(edited: )


basically the goal is to get the 3rd coordinate of showpos (the height) to 1000 as fast possible

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