Removal of most NoSLA Unrestricted variants

With the split of NoSLA into Legacy and Unrestricted on the main boards in July, most of the NoSLA cat extensions were preliminarily split too.
Now that some time has passed, it appears that the split categories had pretty much no route differences (apart from vault skip here and there). Thus, the following categories were removed:
- OoB NoSLA Unrestricted
- Jumpless NoSLA Unrestricted
- Crouched NoSLA Unrestricted
- All Bonus Maps NoSLA Unrestricted
- All Main Categories (with NoSLA Unrestricted instead of NoSLA Legacy)
- Portal Placement Never Fail NoSLA Unrestricted
- ent_remove NoSLA Unrestricted
The only Unrestricted category that is staying is Keyboard Only, since the subcategories on that are supposed to be just a mirror of the main boards.

If there's anything I missed or messed up on the rules, feel free to reach out.

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