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Just got a run rejected because the link expires in February because it is an iCloud video link, but that’s currently the only way that I know of to submit a run, as I don’t have a YouTube channel. Does anyone know of any way I could submit a video of it that doesn’t expire?


Create a youtube channel. Or Vimeo. Or anything else that is long storage.

The basic idea is that your proof is stored permanently, so that anyone can see your proof of your run at any time, even if it's 5 years in the future and it's needed for something. Otherwise, on some boards, your entry might be deleted as well.


Google Drive is great.

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The problem with google drive is that if I record straight from the app, it can only record ten minutes, and it takes 4 hours to upload from photos. Is there anyway to get it to record longer


Google Drive is just the place where your video will be stored, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't limit video length. To record, the software "OBS" is free and does not limit your recording time

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If you play on PC you should just use demos as it is extremely small file wise and extremely easy. If you have questions please join the discord.

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Evandar it doesn’t limit video length, but it does if I record straight from the app. I’m on mobile, so most softwares don’t really work, like OBS. The only way to get it to google drive is to upload it, which takes four hours and I have to be on the app the whole time