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What are the usefull skips

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1-7. Labyrinth 01:
You can trigger the finish line by passing it on the opposite side of the wall, saves maybe 5 seconds? (I haven't timed it) This is the only known skip in World 1.

3-2. Square Island:
You can use a bounce pad to fly out of bounds and will be placed back inside the map past several obstacles, saving ~5 seconds per lap.
You can also use a cheese right before using the bounce pad, which lets you fly even further, saving a total of ~13 seconds per lap. Both skips are shown in the video.

3-6. Bunny Hopping:
You can use a bounce pad to jump over a wall and skip a portion of the track, saving ~5 seconds per lap.

4-1. The Snail's Island:
You can use a bounce pad to jump over a wall and skip a tiny portion of the track, saving 1 or 2 seconds per lap.

5-1. Water Lily Party (this is where the fun begins):
Skip #1: You can immediately drive off of the track, making sure your right wheel passes over the bounce pad in front of the starting line, and you will be picked up and placed more than halfway through the track for some reason, improving the lap time from ~28 seconds to ~13 seconds
Skip #2: You can use the bounce pad in front of the finish line to immediately hop over an invisible wall and on to the very end of the track, making for a ~7 second lap
Skip #3: This one is extremely precise, it's possible to do skip #2 and miss the track, but still be picked up and put down at the end of the track. This makes for a ~10 second lap. Skip #2 is faster and easier, so you should never intentionally attempt this skip
These 3 skips are all in this video

Skip #4: If you're at the very end of the lap, you can drive off the edge of the track and towards the finish line, and it will count as a completed lap. This saves 2 or 3 seconds on an individual lap, but it loses time overall because you'll be picked up and placed further back on the track than you usually would. It would save time if you did it on lap 5, but doing it on lap 5 triggers an infinite lap glitch, meaning the race will never end. Combining this with skip #2 can make for a ~4 second lap

Skip #5: I'm honestly not entirely sure what the cause of this one is, and I've only encountered it once, but I believe what happened is I fell off the track and was placed back on top of the finish line, and at the same time an AI drove under me and pushed me backwards in midair so that I was behind the finish line, allowing me to then drive forward and immediately finish the lap. This could potentially make for the fastest possible lap, but taking advantage of the AI is very difficult to do

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I’ve found one 2 months ago one poppyto park It’s Pretty Hard To Do Fast Enough For It To Be Faster


Ooh, very nice! Although, I probably won't add a "skips" subcategory for Poppyto Park (for the time being), because it looks like it probably barely saves any time in 1lap, and I think using a rainbow paw over the lake would still be faster in 5lap. Nice find nonetheless!


Also can I be mod


Oh, also, I think in Water Lily Party, skip #4 that I mentioned above might have been patched. So, I'm not entirely sure what to do with the leaderboards about that. I might make a "legacy" subcategory for WLP 1lap, or if its possible to downpatch on the Steam version I might just leave it as it is. But, I'm going to do some more investigation before I change up the leaderboards.


@DoublUp I'm not really in need of another mod right now, as this game is kind of dead right now anyways.


Will you make a discord

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