Any% - NG in 3h 08m 44s by tocaloni1tocaloni1 (Obsolete)

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Name Duration Finished at
Intro 1m 43s 000ms 1m 43s
-Game Logo 4m 25s 000ms 6m 08s
-Spirit Hook 8m 18s 000ms 14m 27s
The Statue's Head 10m 45s 000ms 25m 12s
Most Boring Boss 7m 53s 000ms 33m 06s
-Scarabs Die 10m 32s 000ms 43m 39s
-Hub Return 4m 11s 000ms 47m 50s
-Plant Dies 12m 43s 000ms 1h 00m 33s
-Creation Powers 11m 16s 000ms 1h 11m 49s
No Barrier Skip (Sand Tank 5) 9m 55s 000ms 1h 21m 45s
-Water Fun 9m 04s 000ms 1h 30m 50s
-Hub Return 5m 30s 000ms 1h 36m 20s
-Fire Fun 12m 22s 000ms 1h 48m 43s
Palace Gate 2m 59s 000ms 1h 51m 43s
-Fight 1 1m 36s 000ms 1h 53m 19s
-Fight 2 4m 31s 000ms 1h 57m 51s
-The Beast Dies 5m 08s 000ms 2h 03m 00s
Crystal Room Entrance 8m 49s 000ms 2h 11m 49s
-Yellow 10m 41s 000ms 2h 22m 30s
-Green 11m 32s 000ms 2h 34m 03s
-Purple 11m 31s 000ms 2h 45m 34s
-Orange 10m 54s 000ms 2h 56m 28s
The Princess Dies 6m 32s 000ms 3h 03m 00s
The Mental Realm 5m 43s 000ms 3h 08m 44s
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