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1 year ago
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After some discussion among the PoP leaderboard moderators we have decided to rename "No Major Glitches" to "No Exit Glitch" in order to more reflect the true nature of the category. Moreover what was "Any% (Warpless)" previously has now been bumped from a subcategory to the new main category "All Levels"; again, in order to clarify to new runners or viewers what the category is about.

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Good call: on DOS pop1, No Major Glitches does not allow guard jumps nor gate clipping; since it does on SNES, it shouldn't be called No Major Glitches for consistency purposes.

United States

ah hah. Looks good!

I was wondering about other ways of organizing them, like bundling the glitch categories together, or bundling N.E.G. with A.L., since they both naturally do all 20 levels, or bundling all 3 together under Any%.

But after thinking about it, I think I like it best the way you did it. Any% is beating the game as fast as possible, with or without glitches. Whereas, All Levels is a separate arbitrary condition.

So I agree! Good job. And thanks for all your hard work!

I'm guessing whenever more runs appear for 100%, we might possibly see a similar breakdown there, having N.E.G + Standard sub-categories, and a separate category for "All Life Bottles" as a similar label to "All Levels," with this one only focusing on the 20 big Life bottles, and disregarding miscellaneous Big bottles, Guards & Small Bottles.

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