I know for the runs it's been ok to disable sound (Heck, it's an in-game hot key), but what about the cpu cycles? There's not really a default, but GoG uses 3000 which looks about the same as the speed in the videos I've seen. Haven't watched all of them yet, so haven't seen if you've mentioned the speed settings or not.


Looking around, I see Jazz Jackrabit has these settings in the speedrun forums, think it might be "official" now:


It makes movement outside of combat nice and smooth vs the 3000 I've been playing at, (Plus menus don't have that slow drawing speed) but combat on speed 0 is still a bit quick... unless you disable sound. The n movement outside of combat is a bit too fast, and combat.. I died because I couldn't turn quick off fast enough in one combat.

6000 + no-sound gives a nice movement and combat doesn't seem too crazy. It's a bit slower than a 386 33 MHz CPU though, so that seems a bit slow.

Hard trying to run dos games fairly when cpu performance varied so much from machine to machine 🙁


When I started running these, as the only runner, I used the default gog.com DOSBox settings (at the 3000 cycles). When casually using DOSBox on other old games, I would usually crank it up to 15-25k, but decided that leaving it on the default was the most 'fair' or at least basic way of playing and it really didn't matter to me since I was the only runner anyway. If more people become interested in these and there's popular demand to 'allow' higher settings (or enough people just start doing it on higher settings, since there's no real 'rule' against it) I might also use that standard

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